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Bright and Tight

No description

Marta Sikora

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Bright and Tight

Bright'n'Tight in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care -
Break the night with colour! By:
Becky Marsh
Elena Iulia Vasile
Ferouza Mahamah
Marta Sikora
Rayna Bobeva - The Castle, located in the heart of Coventry
- Capacity of 350 people
- No hire costs
- Available on Tuesday, the 12th of March
- Free security
- Drink offers
-we had an insight into the official copy of the current Risk Assessment to make sure the place is safe to use for organisers, staff and guests - poster, flyers and tickets designed by a second year BA Honors Graphic Design Student
- posters to be displayed on the university premises
- promoted to close friends and family
- Social Media used to promote the event itself and we have also created an event page to post updates and useful information for guests
- Lola Rae special performance
- Event Promotion Days
- Aimed to make more people aware about the event
- Aimed to raise money from the cake sale
- An opportunity to sell tickets
- Health and Safety rules to be obeyed - themed club night out with bright, colourful and tight clothes
- £4 for the tickets, 3 for £9 (1 free raffle ticket included in the price)
- extra raffle tickets available on the night: £0.50 each or 5 tickets for £2
- face-painting of daffodils - £1 each available on the night
- other games will be organised on the night to engage and entertain the crowd
-our USP is organising a theme night with no financial effort needed in order to attend and also amazing raffle prizes
- our target market is mainly students but we are aiming at the general public as well - to raise the awareness of the charity and the cause
-to achieve at least 1:5 ratio
-provide an entertainment event to raise funds in aid of Marie Curie Event Idea Event Aims The Venue Promotion of the event The Cake Sales Flash Mob - we are looking into the possibility of organising two Flash Mobs with the CovUni Street Dance Society
- aimed to promote the event and show the fun side of it
-to raise awareness of the charity Roles within the group - Financial role to be held by Elena Vasile
- Social Media - Marta Sikora
- Marketing and Promotions - Rayna Bobeva
- Fund raising and Charity awareness - Ferouza Mahamah
- Decorations and Management of Volunteers - Becky Marsh So Far... - £600 raised from individual donations
- raffle prizes which include: * 1 River Island Gift Card worth £50
* 1 Topshop Gift Card worth £50
* Nando's voucher Meal for 2 (drinks incl.)
* 3 course dinner for 2 in Britannia Hotel
* 2 Heritage T-shirts, each worth £40
* Professional Photo shooting by Silvena Toncheva
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