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No description

Mr Duke!

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Dancers

Dancing comes in many types for example Ballet,Jazz, Tap,Street Dance and loads more so i am going to tell you about famous dancers.
Kym Johnson
Martha Graham
She is considered to be the mother of modern dance. She has choreographed more than one hundred and fifty dances during her lifetime. She was born on May 11, 1894 and died April 1, 1991.
Darcy Bussel !!
She is a famous retired ballet dancer, she is a judge on strictly come dancing. She was born on April 27 1969 in London. Her parents are John Crittle, Andrea Williams And Phillip Bussel Her stepfather
Dancers by Isabel
She is an Australian ballroom dancer. She was born on the 4 August 1976. She is also a television performer who has appeared in the first three seasons of the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer, and now is a judge on the show.
She was an American modern dancer and choreographer.
Anna Pavlova
Anna Pavlova is a famous Russian ballet dancer and choreographer. She was Born on the February 12,1881 and died on January 23, 1931. She made her company debut 1899. She joined the Ballet Russia company in 1909 and formed her own company 1911.
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