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Intro to Painting

No description

Kaisha Villa

on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of Intro to Painting

Always interested in art as a kid
Wanted to learn and improve
Like working with people and helping others
Local daycare
Arts and crafts with the kids
No such thing as messing up
Art is about growth and confidence
Happy with progress
Advice: always try new things
Community Service
Image by Tom Mooring
Intro to Painting
Tried paintings every other weekend
Brushes, paints, and canvases make huge difference
Everything has an effect on your finish
Mrs. Beierle
Teaching art at SHS for 4 years
Studied at Concordia University in Nebraska
Speech, drama, and theology
About Me
Grow from beginner to advanced
Become proficient using new techniques to be able to achieve better illustrations
Grow confidence and be able to show and teach others.
Goal #3
School Plans
Saw lots of room for improvement
Tried different styles
Worked on what I liked
Grow confidence in what I work on and be able to show/teach others
Create something to show progress
Asked mentor to choose
Art career for me?
Plan to study at Eastern Washington University
Want to major in social work
Thank you
Mrs. Beierle
Mrs. Hatley
Goal #1
Goal #2
Grow from beginner to advanced
Use new techniques for better illustrations
Found it easier to show others art
Taught kids
Still developing skill
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