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Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

An explanation of Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences through the collection at the NC Museum of Art

Erin Coppola-Klein

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Garner
Multiple Intelligences It's all about how we process information. Gardner says that there are multiple pathways for learning... and for any given individual, the most developed pathway will be the most efficient way to process information, which means... There's more than one way to be INTELLIGENT There are eight actually. That's right. Eight. but smart people are still looking for more... How might you be intelligent?
There are so many ways! Body smart picture smart music smart word smart self smart people smart visual/spacial intelligence kinesthetic intelligence Body smart folks use mental ability to control body movements and are very aware of where their body is in space. We like to move around a lot; touching, talking, using body language. We enjoy dancing, playing sports, making and using models, and performing. Dance of the Elements, Bali Maurice Sterne These women are demonstrating their kinesthetic intelligence by dancing together en mass without stepping on each other or running into each other. They also trust that others have high kinesthetic intelligence. Blue Dancer Alexander Archipenko This "Blue Dancer" seems to know where her body is in space, dispite the fact that none of her limbs are touching interpersonal intelligence Lines That Link Humanity El Anatsui If people were bits of newspaper, bottle caps, and discarded packaging, would you be able to... turn them into this? a people smart person might... People smart folks are good at interacting with other people and seem inate understanders of human nature. We love providing feedback, teaching, and working in groups. We tend to have lots of friends and are very social. intrapersonal intelligence Self smart folks have high intrapersonal intelligence. We know ourselves; our motivations, strengths, weaknesses, fears. We are "thinkers" who reflect on our work, tend to be self motivated (and regulated), and are goal setters. We perfer to work alone. The Thinker Auguste Rodin This guy must be interpersonally intelligent... naturalist intelligence nature smart The newest of the intelligences, nature smart folks feel connected to the outdoors. We classify, identify, and categorize the things we find in our natural environment. We also recreate patterns we see in nature. Askew Roxy Paine Out Of the Box Patrick Dougherty bird's nests, hurricanes, whirlpools, or just Red maple saplings?

It's all natural... number smart logical/mathematical intelligence 2nd c. Roman Mosaic Number smart folks, not surprisingly, have a high mathematical intelligence. We also excel at logic. We like using logic and reasoning and can work well in the abstract. We gravitate to finding or creating patterns and relationships among facts or objects. It would take a number smart person to make this mosiac... whoa, Impressive! verbal/linguistic intelligence Word smart folks have high linguistic intelligence and do well with language. We prefer to learn through reading or speaking since we think in words. Although we tend to excel at reading, writing, and debate, it is important to remember that many of us are stronger in only one of these areas (as opposed to being equally stong in all of them). First News of the Battle at Lexington William Tylee Ranney False Door of Ni-ankh-Snefru (Called Fefi) both oral and written (and not just in English!) musical/rhythmic intelligence Raqqa II Frank Stella Music smart folks remember music and rhythm. We like to play with song lyrics and are always making sounds, whether singing or tapping our pencils on our desks. We hear patterns and "unpack" the sounds around us. We are often comfortable with a high level of complexity and are able to see (or hear) order. A music smart person might see chords, organized into quarter, half, and whole notes. What do
you see? A201 Ribat Jackie Ferrara Picture smart folks have high visual and spacial intelligence. We do well communicating with charts, graphs, maps and other visual representations. We often have very active imaginations because we visualize things in our minds. Our picture smarts make us adept at solving puzzles and seeing spacial relationships between objects. We could be challenged by taking our intelligence into... 3D!!!! Gardner says that while we all have the capacity to have all intelligences... they are not all equally well developed. So, go out and strengthen those pathways;
make yourself more intelligent... Multip-ly Intelligent Gardner said so... However, we can continually develop our strengths in each intelligence and become more able.
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