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The Seven Volcanoes Project

No description

mihai ushu

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of The Seven Volcanoes Project

The Seven Volcanoes Project
What is this?
“The Seven Volcanic Summits" are the highest volcanoes of each of the seven continents.

-These seven volcanoes are:
Europe: Elbrus (5643m - Russia)
Africa: Kilimanjaro (5895m - Tanzania)
Asia: Damavand (5610m - Iran)
South America: Ojos del Salado (6893m - Argentina/Chile)
North America: Pico de Orizaba (5611m - Mexico)
Oceania: Mount Giluwe (4368m - Papua New Guinea)
Antarctica: Mount Sidley (4181m-Mary Byrd Land)
What I have done until now:
- Setting up the "base camp", climbing most of the highest mountains from Romania, discover this passion.
Thank you!
Advancing to Camp I, Climbing Mont Blanc (4810 m) in July 2012. The first touch of the thin air.
In January 2015, together with a close group of friends, are going to attempt to climb the highest volcano and also the highest point of Africa, mount Kilimanjaro (5961 m).
Support me! And I will bring with me the Sophos name on the highest volcanoes from all seven continents.
Getting ready for Camp III. In the summer of 2014, I climbed both Germany and Italy highest mountains, Zugspitze (2950m) on Höllental route and Gran Paradiso (4096) on V.Emanuelle route.
Thank you, for your time and support.
- April 2011, climbing the highest mountain from Romania, Mount Moldoveanu 2544m.
- Octomber 2011, climbing the highest active volcano from Europe/Italy, mount Etna 3390m.
- July 2012, climbing the highest point from Alps/France, Mount Blanc 4810m.
- July 2013, climbing the highest point and volcano from Europe/Russia, Mount Elbrus 5643m.
- June 2014, climbing the highest point from Italy, Mount Gran Paradiso 4061m.
- September 2014, climbing the highest point from Germany, Mount Zugspitze 2950m.
If we succeed this climbing, the second Camp will be reached and the preparation for Camp III - Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano from World/South America, may begin.
by Mihai Usurelu
Who am I?

What I want?

What I offer?

My name is Mihai Usurelu.
I am 30 years old and I am a climber. I climbed since I was a child, growing up into a small mountain village on the country side of Romania.

I climb mountains, and especially high mountains, because I love the connection with nature, the spirit of adventure and the challenge of a difficult objective. My approach is one of preparation, documentation and training, self sufficiency, respect for the mountain and appreciation for those who help me in my quests.

The support I received until now enables me to aspire to greater goals, more than just another summit.
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