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Classroom Management

No description

Quintin Quigley

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Classroom Management

Classroom Management espect Words of Weiner Sources
Urban Teaching:
"Be proactive in establishing a classroom environment that supports the behaviors you demand. You need to make classroom rules and policies explicit, explain their value, teach them, and reinforce them all the time."
Give instructions before giving materials.
Demand behavior that is essential to creating a productive learning environment.
Have sound reasoning for all your rules and make sure your students understand why.
Not Because I Said So Rule:
36. When a visitor enters the class, all students are to stand We stand and greet visitors to show Respect Urban Teaching:
Reinforce rules by discussing differences between classroom rules and street rules. DON'T assume the rules of your culture apply to your students and DON'T assume school rules are superior to the rules outside of school.
Model the behaviors you Expect.
"If you treat your students with empathy, consideration, and respect, you need not fear them."
"What you think is caring behavior may not be perceived as such by your students.
Questions There? Turns out we can't afford the real video,
and the answers are in your text book, so... How can we build classroom community? How can we motivate learners? How can we develop student responsibility? How can we keep students safe? Why is classroom management important? Key: Students are more motivated to learn in orderly environments.
More Time can be spent on instruction. rippy presentation software
doesn't hurt either Some people want to lengthen the school year to spend more time learning. But you want your summers don't you. Good classroom management lets you keep your summers and allows more time for instruction.

As much as 50% of class time is spent not teaching anything. Planning for Class
Management Parents Stopping Misbehavior SHTF: Violence and
Aggression You need to plan management strategies
based upon student developmental levels Organization is Key Elementary is not the same as High School Lessons an Materials should be prepared ahead of time
Tasks and activities should flow smoothly
Routines should be established Rules: the End all Be all of
classroom Management Students need to know the rules
Rules need to be consistently enforced
Routines should be established The First Day The first few days set the tone for the class
If they get away from you now, give up (not really)
Routines should be established Elementary Who? Middle School Reinforcing Behavior is Effective if Students Believe it to be Justly Administered
Teachers should Display a Genuine Interest in Helping Students and Treat them as Human Beings
Teachers can involve students in management decisions
Make rules that fit the students an your Personality
High School Just like middle school except students are more mature and respond well to reason. Students need to know the rules
Rules need to be consistently enforced
Routines should be established Rules: the End all Be all of
classroom Management Parents = Good Home environments affect student achievement
Encourage Parent Involvement Home Cooperation Provides:
Higher Achievement
More homework done
Better Attitudes
Higher Attendance
More Self-regulation
Better College Attendance Rates Strategies Got any Ideas? Use Formal Communication Channels
Send Letters home Send home student work
Send out e-mails
Call 'em if you have to

Demonstrate Withitness
Have eyes in the back of your head Identify Student confusion
Draw inattentive students back with questions Preserve Student Dignity Have a good emotional tone
Don't reprimand loudly
Don't over criticise
Don't be sarcastic Be Consistent and Follow Through Self-explanatory Avoid Arguments Keep interventions Brief No One Wins! Eggen, P., & Kauchak, D. (2010). Educational Psychology (Eighth
Edition). Columbus, OH: Pearson.

McGraw-Hill Book Comany (1947). Maintaining classroom
discipline. Retrieved April 17, 2010 from Web site:
http:// www .youtube.com/ watch?v=gHzTUYAOkPM

Solution Tree (2009, October). Solution tree: Four keys to effective
classroom and behavior management. Retrieved April 17, 2010
from Web site: http:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Qah5tLuB9BY

Weiner, L. (2006). Urban teaching: The essentials (Revised
Edition). New York: Teachers College Press. Anger begets
Anger Given: "Aggrressive students must not be allowed to hurt or intimidate peers or damage property." If you don't intervene in violent situations,
You will get sued for negligence. Stop the incident
Protect the victim
Get help Suprise the fightees with a loud noise that didn't work, now... Separate Them Send for help don't be afraid to... Order of Importance (in a fight): Safety of other students
Number One
Safety of students in the students invovled
Safety of property Responding to Defiance Remain calm
Avoid a power strugle
Try do do your fighting outside
You can always call the office if you need help Finally...
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