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AdvoCare training

No description

Meghan Herrera

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of AdvoCare training

Quick Start Training
Why are you involved in Advocare?
Be a Product of the Products!
Use what you can afford, but ONLY what you can afford
Share your Story!
Wear Your Colors!
Whenever you leave the house, wear something Advocare!
Get to Events... and bring a friend
Mixers (no mixer in your area... SCHEDULE ONE!)
Develop your 30 second product story and share it with others!
Desire vs Disgust
Get them in front/on the phone with your sponsor
Who are you talking to now? Who are you talking to next?
Success School - Serious business builders attend success school!!!
Your Story
Where you were
What you did
Where you are now
Where you are going
Must Haves:
Impact Magazines / Champion Packs
(found on your microsite under "Sales Aides"
Spark Packets
Fruit Punch is ALWAYS a good choice
New Flavors!!!
Paper, Pen, and bottles of water
Your "Why" that makes you Cry
Your Purpose will fuel 100% of what you do in this business
It all starts with your product story. You develop that story by getting on product
When people think of AdvoCare you want them to think of you!
***Don't have any AdvoCare t-shirts? You are in luck!! Get with your sponsor because you could earn a free t-shirt this Pay Period!!**
Final Thoughts
Consistency trumps Perfection
Remember we are in the business of helping others, who do you know we can help?
Don't Play "Mr. Molecule"
Action oriented business.... TAKE ACTION NOW!
P. A. L. S.



2 ways to get to the Advisor Level

Invest - Fastest Way
Work your way there - Not so fast

40% discount for... LIFE
More information on Advisor
: championmakerstraining.com --> Training On Demand ---> How to get to Advisor
Getting to Advisor is a decision not a destination
Your List
"Warm market"
5 Categories:
Weight Loss
Sports Performance
Call those folks on your list ASAP
Share your Story
2 min vs 30 second story
The Fortune is in the follow up!!
Large Events - Upcoming Event in September
Again... 30 Second vs 2 min
All about your Story! Be a great story teller!
The 4 fundamentals
Be a product of the Products

Wear your AdvoCare colors

Attend Events

Share your Story
The overall goal of sharing your story is to be the "preview."
4 parts to your story:
Jason Herrera

or message me on FaceBook
Purpose of this Call
To provide our team the necessary tools to build their AdvoCare Business.

To provide the skills that can be duplicated by a distributors current and future teammates.
Set an Appointment
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