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6th Grade (9/8/2014)

No description

Susan Stamm

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of 6th Grade (9/8/2014)

6th Grade (9/8/2014)
Do Now
Setting Notes
Setting is both time and place.
Setting Time
It can happen in the morning, afternoon, or evening.
Setting Time
A story can take place during different seasons. It can happen during the summer, fall, winter, or spring.

Think of your favorite food. Use the author's purpose to inform by giving facts about this food. Write about what it looks like, tastes like, how you might cook it if necessary, ect.

3-4 sentences.
Setting Time
The story can be written in the past, present (now) or future.
Setting Place
The place of a story can be anywhere like in a school, the jungle, a desert, a big city, or a made up supernatural place.
Setting Video
What is the setting? Time and place...
As I continued walking, my backpack bumped into other people in the hall. Adults were standing outside their doors greeting us. I could feel sweat dripping down my from my forehead to my nose. My mouth was dry and my face was bright red from the heat.
"Remind Me"
Together we'll read "Remind Me"
and determine the setting- both time and place. We'll underline words that provide clues.

The story will be on the board and each student will have their own copy.
Determine the setting of the story...
Time? Place?
Kayla could hear a crunching sound under her feet as she walked to through the grass. The crisp, cool air made her happy she had put on a sweatshirt. With a rake in her hand, she started to gather the colorful fallen leaves into piles. Soon after, her mother called her in for dinner.
Write your own setting paragraph... complete 3-4 sentences

1. Does it take place in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

2. Does it take place during the summer, winter, spring, or fall?

3. Where does it take place?

Describe your setting so another person could infer the answers to these questions.

Identifying Setting Worksheet

Read each short passage and decide the setting: time and place. Underline clue words in each passage.
Read your setting paragraphs out loud and we'll have students infer the time and place setting.
Infer the setting...underline clue words.

STRIKE! Jimmy cheered as the ball
knocked down all ten pins. "I guess
we can't call you the Gutter Ball
King anymore," teased his brother.
"Time for cake!" said Jimmy's
grandma. "As his family gathered around, Jimmy blew out his candles and made a wish!"
Infer Setting... Underline clue words

"Trick or treat!"we yelled when the
door opened. "Wow! A ghost and a
police officer!" said Mr. Brennan.
"It's Miguel and Jose from next door!" we giggled. "Ah, well you could have fooled me!" Mr. Brennan smiled and handed us each a candy bar.
Setting writing example:
Carlos woke to his blaring alarm clock. From his bed, he looked out the window and noticed that a few flowers were beginning to bloom. Opening his window, the warmer air let him know that finally he wouldn't have to wear a coat to school! The cold days were over.
Create a Tree Map
to brainstorm your ideas. Chose a time of day, season and a place.
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