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Summer Fun

No description

Library Media

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Summer Fun

Obstacle 3 The End Here's some top things to do in the summer!!! Summer Fun Things to do at camp!!! Sports Outdoor sports By : Grace And Bea water park, pool ,water balloon fight, slip on slid, water fun Things to do at camp. Some thimgs to do at camp are pillow fights, rope corses, swimming, soccer, archery, and horse back riding. Soccer, swimming, tennis, softball, running, volleyball, baseball, football, lacrosse, water polo, rugby, golf, gymnastics, polo. Sports Carnival fairs wheel, duck, roller coaster
, nail painting,
food stands, hair painting, jumpy,
balloon race,
cake walk, rock climbing wall,
musical chairs If you do some of these
things I bet you will have the best summer ever summer +our directions=
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