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Multiples Intelligences

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luz oyarce

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Multiples Intelligences


In this presentation, I will give to know:
-The theory of multiple intelligence
-My Own Intelligence & The corresponding characteristics.
What is The Theory of Multiple Intelligences?
The theory of multiple intelligences want to say that intelligence is not seen as something unitary and that it groups different specific capacities, it's more like a set of different intelligences.
My Results
My Main Intelligence is...
Finally, we learned that each person has a mind of its own , and if or if all we are intelligent but in different ways and with different characteristics.
Intrapersonal ---> 23 pts.
Linguistic ---> 19 pts.
Kinaesthetic ---> 15 pts.
Naturalistic ---> 15 pts.
Visual/Spatial---> 15 pts.
Logical ---> 11 pts.
Musical ---> 10 pts.
Interpersonal ---> 9 pts.
Intrapersonal Intelligence:

This Intelligence allows me to self-analyze my own being, This is refers to self access of one's range of feelings, the ability to discriminate these emotions and finally put names and use them as a means to interpret and guide their own behavior.
By Luz Oyarce
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