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2017 GIMS

Creating Sustainable Value Through Philanthropy and Volunteerism

Entergy, Inc.

on 26 July 2017

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Transcript of 2017 GIMS

Philanthropic Focus Areas.
Master the zooming canvas in minutes
2016 Investment
in Mississippi.
$2.2 million in charitable donations.
443 nonprofit organizations.

New Stage Theatre takes performances to communities across Mississippi.
Entergy Mississippi presented a $100,000 grant to expand and continue the troupe’s touring shows and workshops.
New Stage’s program to educate schoolchildren through the arts fits with Entergy’s focus to improve the quality of life in communities it serves.
Entergy provides funds to
preserve habitat on Mississippi flyway.
With a $200,000 grant from Entergy Mississippi, The Nature Conservancy developed a long-lasting duck hunting venue at Mathews Brake.
The project was completed in late October 2016.
It features a 1,810-acre oxbow lake that provides cover for 30,000 ducks annually.
9,144 hours of volunteer service logged.
Approximately $215,400 in value.
79 organized group volunteer events.
Earned Income
Tax Credit.
Partnered with the IRS, United Way and other community groups.
More than 4,400
low-income Mississippi residents received $9.5 million in EITC refunds.
The most effective poverty reduction program in the country.
The Power to Care.
Raised more than $394,000
in 2016.
Provided emergency utility assistance to 1,700 qualified low-income and disabled customers.
Entergy shareholders match employee and customer donations.
Poverty Solutions.
Environmental Programs.

Entergy Mississippi Invests More Than $1 Million in Workforce Pipeline.
Entergy Mississippi will make a multi-year investment of more than
$1 million from shareholders to help prepare the state’s workforce.
The focus of the investment is to engage and inspire middle-school and high-school students through innovative, hands-on STEM programs.

Creating Sustainable Value Through Philanthropy and Volunteerism.

Awards and Recognition.
DJSI Sustainability North America Index.

100 out of 100 score for Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy.
15 consecutive years of recognition.

2017 Top 100 Corporate Citizens.

#5 in Philanthropy.
Awarded in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015,
2016 and 2017.

Points of Light Foundation Civic 50.
Recognized as one of Top 50 community-minded corporations in America.

2014 Best Economic Empowerment Program.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.
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