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Team Fortress 2: The 9 Classes

Help fight misunderstanding of each classes' job and abilities.


on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Team Fortress 2: The 9 Classes

The 9 Classes The Scout From: Boston, USA Speed: Fastest HP: 125 Special Abilities:
Double Jump, 2x Capture Rate Starting Weaponry:
Scattergun, Pistol, Bat Excelling Roles:
Point Capturing, Intelligence Running, Distraction, Hit and Run Weakest Roles:
Long Range Fighting, Building Destruction Important Notes VS Class Tactics Soldier:
Learn to get good at dodging, and avoid tight areas. The rocket launcher's splash damage is very good at catching Scouts off guard. Pyro:
Keep your distance, the flamethrowers can kill unaware Scouts extremely fast. Demoman:
Not too much to worry about, though keep aware of where his shots go. The explosion of a stray projectile can be just as devestating to Scouts as direct hits. Heavy:
Hit and Run tactics are almost essential. Hit him while he isn't looking, then run before he can retaliate. Rinse and repeat. Engineer:
If he's behind his Sentry, you're gonna have to leave it to your team. Otherwise, go ahead, he's basically a slower version of you. Look out for Mini-Sentries if he has the Gunslinger. Sniper:
Keep moving. Medic:
Usually easy targets, but be wary of whoever he may be healing. Also be aware the syringe guns can do a surprising amount of damage if they hit. Spy:
Another easy target, since you'll usually be too fast for him to backstab, though be wary of his revolvers. The Soldier From: USA Speed: Second Slowest HP: 200 Starting Weaponry:
Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Shovel Excelling Roles: Killing Special Abilities:
Rocket Jumping Weakest Roles: Long range fighting, Sustained conflict The Scout is easily the squishiest direct combat class in the game. Be sure to learn the arts of dodging enemy fire. The Scout's speed allows him to get around the map fast, and his
double jump allows him to get where most other classes can't. Be
sure to take advantage of both of these! The BONK! Atomic Punch unlock allows new ways to get past enemy lines, at the cost of your pistol. Think carefully which you want to take into battle. All of the Scout's weapons have very different advantages and disadvantages.
Be sure to find the loadout that suits you and the situation best. Important Notes Rocket Jumping is very useful, but obviously firing rockets at your feet hurts. Keep this in mind. The Soldier is easily the best class for people new to the game. The Soldier can be described as a Jack of All Trades: While there's nothing he truly excels at, except, of course, fighting, he doesn't really have anywhere where he can't be useful. While the Soldier's weapons are all very powerful, they have small clips and slow reload speeds. On top of this, his shotgun lacks range, and his rockets are more easily avoided the further out the target is. He's a rather big and slow target: while not as much so as the Heavy, expect to take damage in most encounters. VS Class Tactics Scouts: Tricky to hit with rockets if they know what they're doing. Go for splash damage and use your shotgun if rockets fail.

Pyros: Their airblast allows them to deflect your rockets back at you. If you find them succeeding in doing so, use your shotgun if you have it. If they get close, you can use your rocket jump to gain distance and damage them if they're close enough.

Demomen: Probably the class most similar to you. Dodge their projectiles, but be sure to avoid them while they're on the ground, ready to explode.

Heavies: You're pretty easy to hit, but they can't shoot around corners. Utilize cover and splash damage to kill them.

Engineers: The Engineers themselves are easy to kill, but their buildings may be difficult to destroy, depending on placement and if the Engineer is actively repairing it. If he is, use splash damage to hit and kill him first.

Snipers: Easily a threat at range due to your big head and slow speed. If you manage to dodge their shot, try firing a few rockets at them. You probably wont hit, but most of the time he'll dash into cover, giving you an opportunity to advance. Up close, they're pretty much dead already.

Medics: Extremely easy to kill, but be careful of anyone he may be healing.

Spies: Due to your speed, backstabs and revolver shots can be an issue, but if you spot them before they strike, they're doomed. Weakest Roles: Ranged fighting Excelling Roles: Close range combat, crowds,spy checking VS Class Tactics HP: 175 Important Notes Scouts: Being the fastest class in the game, they can easily keep out of range of your flamethrower. Try to catch them off guard.

Soldiers: If you're sufficiently good with the backblast, his rockets shouldn't be too much trouble. You can even turn them back against the soldier.

Demomen: Almost the same as the Soldier, but be careful of anything your backblast misses.

Heavies: His minigun will cut anything to ribbons at the range your flamethrower requires, and will easily take you down even before you're in range. Try to hit them from behind, but taking them out can be tricky, though there are several ways to do it.

Engineers: Unless you can find a corner you can fire around without the sentry hitting you, leave it to your teammates.

Snipers: Your exact opposite, the victory will go to whoever's in their optimal range.

Medics: While they can outrun you, they're still slower than Scouts. Beware anyone they're healing and the occasional close range syringe stream.

Spies: You were practically made to kill them. Your flamethrower can easily reveal any cloaked or disguised Spies, and the resulting afterburn will remove all ability for them to hide. Special Abilities:
Immune to afterburn, backblast From: Unknown The Pyro Speed: Average Starting Weaponry:
Flamethrower, Shotgun, Axe The Pyro has the shortest range out of any class in the game. Practice the backblast, it's ability to deflect most projectiles is very useful. While flames still hurt them, Pyros cannot be set on fire. The flamethrowers deal a high amount of damage via both direct damage and afterburn. The range, however, is very short. Scouts: A good Scout can easily take down a Demoman. Due to his speed, hitting him with direct grenades is difficult, and also makes it easy for him to close the distance before you can use your sticky bombs. Overall, pray hard.

Soldiers: Shot for shot, you do more damage, but his rockets are easier to aim and explode upon immediate contact with anything. It will usually come down to who's better at the class in question, though with slight handicaps for each.

Pyros: Their airblast allows them to deflect your grenades, stickies, and push you back if you get in melee range. Try to aim your shots in a way that makes it hard for the Pyro to predict.

Heavies: Due to their slow speed and big bodies, go for either direct hits or place stickies in his general area. Use cover to your advantage: you can hit him around corners, but not vice versa! Relatively easy to handle if you know what you're doing.

Engineers: There's a reason you're called the Demoman. Find a place where you can shoot his buildings from the safety of cover and let him have it.

Snipers: Depending on your loadouts, they can either be a major headache (no pun intended) or a minor nuisance. As with the Soldier, when you're close enough, try shooting some grenades or stickies at his position to send him into hiding, or even kill him if you're lucky.

Medics: If he's healing someone, aim your explosives in their general direction: with your large blast radius and multiple explosives, you're bound to hit one or both of them.

Spies: Beware, as he can move faster than you for the backstab, or go invisible: your weapons are FAR from ideal for spy checking, so watch your back and if you see one, immediately alert your team. From: Ullapool, Scotland VS Class Tactics Special Abilities:
Remote detonations Excelling Roles: Area Denial, Traps, Destroying Buildings Weakest Roles: Ranged conflict, fighting Scouts, intelligence running Speed: Third Slowest The Demoman HP: 175 Starting Weaponry:
Grenade Launcher, Sticky Launcher, Bottle Important Notes All of the Demoman's weapons fire in an arc. Take this into account when you aim. Grenade Launcher rounds will instantly explode if they hit an enemy before anything else, dealing extra damage. If used well, the Sticky Launcher is easily one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The Chargin' Targe unlock almost completely changes the Demoman's game, pick the one that best suits you. The Demoman has the highest number of melee unlocks in the game, experiment for the one that's right for you. HP: 300 Special Abilities:
Being the Heavy VS Class Tactics Speed: Slowest Excelling Roles: Crowd Control, Medic buddy Important Notes The Heavy From: USSR Starting Weaponry:
Minigun, Shotgun, Fists Weakest Roles: Long range, running Scouts: Easy to take down if you get them in your line of sight and keep your aim on them.

Soldiers: Not too hard to take down, though expect to take a lot of damage. If they're out of range, dodge their rockets.

Pyros: Almost a non-issue, though be very careful of any that try to ambush you.

Demomen: Almost the same as Soldiers, though without the range.

Engineers: While you aren't IDEAL at taking out buildings, if you can find the right angle, you can be pretty effective at it.

Snipers: One of your two biggest enemies, as you are the biggest and the slowest: along with your destructive potential, you are probably going to be the first one Snipers fire at, and one of the easiest targets.

Medics: Unless they're healing another Heavy, don't expect too much problem: mow them both down if they're in range.

Spies: Your other biggest enemy, and for almost the same reasons: you're big, slow, and powerful, the perfect target for Spies to backstab. However, you can VERY easily mow them down, IF you catch them before they kill you. The Heavy is the largest and slowest class in the game. Therefore, you are extremely easy to hit. You have the most health and one of the most destructive weapons in the game: therefore, if your team has Medics, expect them to flock to you in droves. While it won't do much damage at longer ranges, your minigun still puts out an impressive amount of bullets: if needed, this can be used to discourage distant enemies. You have the strongest melee weapons in the game. If you can manage to corner your enemy or they try to melee you, it may be worth the effort to give them a good punch. The sandwich can be taken into battle at the expense of the shotgun, and most Heavies will be using it instead due to it's healing properties. HP: 125 Special Abilities:
Construct Buildings VS Class Tactics Starting Weaponry:
Shotgun, Pistol, Wrench Speed: Average Excelling Roles: Defense, Area Denial Important Notes The Engineer From: Bee Cave, USA Weakest Roles: Straight up combat Scouts: If you have your Sentry up, don't worry, but keep an eye out for any that try to edge around a wall.

Soldiers: If you're constantly repairing your sentry, they shouldn't be able to destroy it, though they can use splash damage to kill you first, so be careful.

Pyros: Depending on where you placed your buildings, they can either wipe you out or not even be an issue.

Demomen: One of your biggest banes. If you see one coming, either run away or chase him off with your shotgun and pistol. If you simply sit by your buildings, they'll kill you AND your buildings with almost no resistance.

Heavies: Another issue, though if he doesn't have a Medic or isn't ubered, sit and tank behind your sentry, constantly repairing it, and pray he runs out of health before he can destroy your buildings or kill you.

Snipers: Unless you play Gunslinger or go offensive, chances are you'll never even see a Sniper.

Medics: Not a problem themselves, but just about any class can wreck your buildings if a Medic pops their uber, so beware.

Spies: Another of your biggest banes next to the Demoman, ALWAYS watch your back or you can easily find yourself dead and your buildings being sapped. In the case of Spies, a little paranoia can be a good thing. Sentry: Easily your most powerful weapon, automatically shoots the nearest enemy in range. Dispenser: Supplies metal, health, and ammo to all teammates in range of it. Teleporters: Teammates who step on the entrance get teleported to the exit. It costs metal to build, sustain, and upgrade your buildings. The Gunslinger replaces your Sentry with a Mini-Sentry, which is weaker, more fragile, and can't be upgraded or healed, but costs less metal and builds much faster. Hit buildings with your wrench while they're deployed to speed up the process. Hitting deployed buildings with your wrench converts metal into repairs, resupply, and upgrade progression. From: Melbourne, Australia Starting Weaponry:
Sniper Rifle, SMG, Kukri Weakest Roles: close range fighting, fighting against groups Scouts: Go for the body shot if you must try: being the fastest and arguably one of the smallest classes in the game, Scouts who know how to dodge are a headache for any Sniper.

Soldiers: One of the easier targets when they don't notice you, due to their slow speed and big bodies.

Pyros: While Jarate CAN put out fires, if you end up within a Pyros range, there's not really anything you can do. Luckily, if they're at range, there isn't much that THEY can do.

Demomen: Similar to the Pyro, only slower and he can lob explosives onto your vantage point.

Heavies: THE biggest and THE slowest class in the game, but if he's fully overhealed, you'll need the shot to be fully charged AND a headshot to bring him down.

Engineers: Unless they're a Gunslinger or offensive, you shouldn't see them often. If you do, keep in mind a fully charged shot can instantly destroy any building except a level 2 or 3 Sentry.

Medics: Hit the Medic first, especially if he has an uber ready. There is almost nothing that goes higher than a Medic on the list of high priority targets.

Spies: As a Sniper, you're most likely going to be stationary, which makes you a very tasty target for Spies. Always watch your back and remember that Jarate can reveal cloaked/disguised Spies. The Sniper HP: 125 Special Abilities:
Headshots VS Class Tactics Speed: Average Excelling Roles: Eliminating high priority targets, long range fighting Important Notes As the Sniper, you are the only class with weapons that can deal headshots, not counting the Spy's Ambassador. The longer you're scoped in (or drawn back, if using the Huntsman), the more damage the shot does. A fully charged shot, even if not to the head, can instantly kill Scouts, Snipers, Engineers, Spies, and if using either of the rifles, Medics and Snipers using Darwin's Danger Shield. The Huntsman deals less damage, and may be easier to dodge than the rifles, but it doesn't require use of a scope, allowing it to be more effective at medium ranges. This can be useful if more directly backing up your team's front line. The Jarate unlock allows you to cover enemies in urine, causing them to take extra damage. This can give your team an edge in heavy firefights. The SMG, while very weak, has good accuracy and a nice rate of fire. This makes it good for finishing off weakened enemies. As a Sniper, always beware of other Snipers, for another, better Sniper is truly a Sniper's biggest enemy. Unfortunately, this tends to cause stalemates as everyone on either team starts going Sniper. Play Sniper responsibly. Speed: Above Average Starting Weaponry:
Medigun, Syringe Gun, Bonesaw HP: 150 Special Abilities:
Healing, Ubercharge VS Class Tactics From: Germany Excelling Roles: Healing and support The Medic Important Notes Weakest Roles: Direct combat As a Medic, your job is to heal. Use the syringe gun only as a last ditch attempt to defend yourself. As a Medic, you are the only class who gradually heals over time. Healing teammates builds your uber, which when fully charged can be deployed on the person you're healing to temporarily make them invicible or make every attack a critical hit, depending on which medigun you use. The Mediguns can overheal your teammates up to +50% their classes' maximum health. Always work to keep your teammates topped off, as it helps build uber faster as well as keeps them in top shape to fight. Overheal total health: Scout/Sniper/Engineer/Spy=185, Medic=225, Demoman/Pyro=260, Soldier=300, Heavy=450 As a Medic, you will most likely be the first target. Be careful out there. As a Medic, you shouldnt be directly fighting, but rather sticking by your teammates and healing them, but it's usually best to save your uber, if you have one, for one of the following situations: Survival in the face of certain death
Destroying Engy set-ups (Medigun)
Breaking strong defensive lines
Keeping your healing buddy alive when his health runs low (Medigun)
Standing your ground against an enemy offensive One last thing: communication is essential, as enemies will always go for you. Warn your teammates as well as plan just when is the right time to pop your uber. Important Notes VS Class Tactics Starting Weaponry:
Revolver, Butterfly Knife, Invisibility Watch Weakest Roles: Just about everything else Speed: Average The Spy From: France Excelling Roles: Handling some vital targets Special Abilities:
Backstabbing, Sapping,
Invisibility, Disguising HP: 125 The Spy is easily the most complex class in the game, and the hardest to be useful as. The Spy's sapper can disable and destroy Engineer buildings. Attacking someone in the back with any of the knives will instantly kill them, unless they're ubered. You can still be hurt while disguised/cloaked. If you get discovered, you are most likely going to die. Like the Sniper, try to go for important targets. Scout: Don't try unless you're really good with the revolvers.

Soldier: They're pretty slow but can kill you extremely fast.

Pyro: Avoid like the plague, their flamethrower will destroy all attempts to disguise and cloak.

Demoman: An easier target, you can cloak past their traps and their weapons are terrible at spy checking, though still deadly if they hit.

Heavy: One of your primary targets, as his slow speed makes him easier to backstab.

Engineer: Your sapper has all of one use, disabling and destroying Engineer buildings. Adjust your tactics depending on how the Engineer behaves. Note that if you change weapons fast enough, you can backstab the Engineer and then sap the Sentry before it shoots you.

Sniper: Another important target, but kill them with the revolver if they have the Razorback, as it will render your knife useless.

Medic: An extremely important target. If he's healing someone, try to stab them both, starting with the Medic. Attacking in any way removes your disguise. You cannot attack while cloaked. So What? Too often have I seen Scouts camping in the rafters, Soldiers spraying rockets from afar, Pyros charging the opponent head on, Demomen whining they can't hit that Scout, Heavies thinking they're effective from long range, Engineers trying to build in the midst of enemy fire, Snipers bodyshotting that Scout for the points rather than shooting that Medic to help the team, Medics running into battle, syringe guns blazing, and Spies complaining that the world is against them. Please, help spread role awareness. Don't charge head on from a distance: Every single class in the game has more range than you do. For any and all information on anything TF2, go to tf2wiki.net
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