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G8-11- 12.4

No description

Glenn Connelly

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of G8-11- 12.4

everyone else was gone those of us who stayed at school proposed for improvements on the school
ESWBAT revise a persuasive essay

ESWBAT annotate a text
On your own...
Use this class time to revise your essay and/or finish your annotations.
ESWBAT plan the next steps for an analytical essay

ESWBAT create fictional social media interactions between characters from Animal Farm
ESWBAT collaborate to answer an A-Level prompt

ESWBAT discuss the
of producing the best answers to exam prompts
(I will have individual conferences for essay corrections)
individual conferences
group work
1- identify the "
sense of...
2- find
that show the "sense of..."
3- explain to Joe Schmo
the examples show the "sense of..."
4- explain
its important, to the work as a whole and/or to the real world
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