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Reading a Medicine Label

No description

erika steinger

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Reading a Medicine Label

Reading a Medicine Label
Reading a medicine label
Reading a medicine label
Medication packaging includes information about the medicine, directions for use, and important warnings.
why do we need a medicine label?
Read the uses, warnings, and directions.
Underline the symptoms that the drug treats.
Circle how many tablets children 12 and over should take.
Star how to handle an overdose.
reading a medicine label
Read the information from the back of a box of antihistamine, which treats allergies and colds. Then answer the questions.
drug facts
Why is it significant for a medicine label to say "keep out of reach of children"?
Lesson EQ: What is the purpose of medicine labels?
Unit EQ: Why are killer plagues such a threat?
Do Now: What is the purpose of reading a medicine label? How can reading a medicine label help people in their daily lives?
Medicine labels can help people...
Medicine labels have multiple sections.
The active ingredient is the ingredient in the drug that will affect some.
The uses describe what the drug will do.
The warnings tell me about potential problems that this drug can cause.
The directions tell me how much of the drug I should take.
The information listed on a medicine label helps you understand how the drug will affect you.
1. What is the correct dosage for a child who is nine years old?
A. 1 tablet every 4-6 hours
B. 2 tablets every 4-6 hours
C. give as needed
D. none of the above
2. If you sometimes have trouble breathing, what should you do before taking this medication?
A. Drink a glass of water
B. Use your inhaler
C. Talk to a doctor
D. none of the above
3. Your brother has just taken two tablets of this medicine. He is planning to drive to a movie. What advice would you give him?
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