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Maivi Tran

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Trapped

Trapped Trapped- Favorite Part Vocabulary - 5 Unknown Words Trapped - Summary Trapped - Summary Trapped - Summary The Author ~ Michael Northrop Trapped - Summary Michael Northrop was born in Salisbury, Connecticut In this novel, 7 highschoolers are trapped at their school of Tattawa High School. It all starts with the narrator, Scotty Weems, going to school on a day that was snowing. He and his friends, Pete and Jason, waited for early dismissal. Jason was working on his go kart for class called the Flammenwerfer. Since the three were friends after all, Jason asked Pete and Scotty to stay with him after early dismissal, so he could finish the go kart. Jason, Pete, and Scotty stayed until around three-ish where they went to wait for Jason's father. Now, they were at the hallway which a teacher and four students we standing near the double doors waiting. The three of them, Scotty, Pete, and Jason, joined them. The snow piled on top of each other one by one. No one in sight pasted along the road that lead to the high school in the middle of nowhere. They waited and waited in the storm. Everyone wanted to call his/her parent, but there was no service. As hours pasted,no one was picked up. Krista, Julie, Les, Elijah, Pete, Jason, Scotty, and Mr. Gossell began to worry more and more. After a few moments more, Mr. Gossell spotted a flash,and thinking that it was a police car he headed out to find help. He was currently visible, but then... He was gone in the white blanketing snow. No teachers were left, only 7 students sat in despair. Night now came, then the light went out. There was no more electricity throughout the school. The heat began to escape, it was getting colder and colder. Luckily, they had their phone light as well as the emergency lights. Each headed for his/her locker to get extra clothes and some private snacks. Then, they came back to the hallway to get bundled up to sleep on the cold tile floor. They were all hungry, but they thought that it was okay to sleep at school for one night. The new layers of snow continued to fall and fall and fall. Morning came, now 8 feet of snow was upon the large window. Scotty was the first to wake up. He stared at what was a slotted of sunlight coming through the top of the window. Then, the others began to wake up. The cold tile floor give them aches. Scotty waved at Pete. Then, they all stood up and began to talk. Everyone was hungry, so they had to do something. They went to shop class and got some tools too get into the cafeteria... Will they get food? Will they starve to death? Will they get rescued? Find out for yourself by reading TRAPPED by Michael Northrop. Chassis (noun) : Framework, wheels, and a motor vehicle's machinery
Parka (noun) : A large fur coat with a hood, and worn in extremely cold weather
Shrapnel (noun): Small fragments of a bomb or other things thrown out by an explosion
Ambiguity (noun): undoubtfulness about an specific meaning
Coroner (noun) :A public officer whose job is to hold inquest into suspicious deaths In the book Trapped, my favorite part was at the ending in which the quote is said by the main character, Scotty Weems. I will not spoil the ending, but unlike other reviews about the book having a very weird ending, I thought that it was fine. To see what I probably am taking about, please go to your local library to check out Trapped. Trapped - Favorite Quote
In the book Trapped, is " I did know what to say, so I just told him the truth: ' I thought you were an angel.' 'Heck, kid,'he said, smiling. 'I'm not even an officer.'" is my favorite quote. I like this quote because at the ending of the story this was something that caught my attention. I thought that it was kind of funny, too. A novel by: Michael Northrop
Digital Presentation By: Maivi Tran He had many jobs such as a stand up comedian before he began to write, and he had also worked at Sports Illustrated for Kids and The World Almanac.
Michael's most recent published book is Rotten He has written several young adult novels, including:
Rotten Michael Northrop now lives in New York City where he is a full time writer Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Trapped - Sources Information from the book Trapped by Michael Northrop
Music: Breaking by 2nd Suspense
Images from Google images
Info on Michael Northrop on: http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/visitkit/michael-northrop-author-visit-kit
http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2769036.Michael_Northrop Tran
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