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Vocabulary "More than just a disease"

No description

pancho mosquera

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Vocabulary "More than just a disease"

To Flake
To come off a surface in small, thin pieces.
E.g: Neil's skin started to flake.
To scum off
to come off
E.g: Neil's skin was scumming off
To Blush
To redden, as from embarrassment or shame
E.g: He blushed because she looked
directly into his eyes.
To stroke
to move a hand, another part of the body, or an object gently over something or someone, usually repeatedly and for pleasure:
To rattle
to (cause something to) make a noise like a series of knocks.
To miaow
the sound a cat makes
To chirp
(especially of a bird) to make a short high sound or sounds
To hum
To sip
To prune
to make a low, continuous sound
to drink (a liquid) a little at a time
to cut or chop off
E.g. It miaowed thinly.
E.g. Michael threw his whole handful of gravel chirping into the pond.
E.g. She scrutinized and hummed.
E.g. Neil smiled and sipped his tonic.
E.g. Mrs Wan's turban threaded in and out of the flowers as she weeded and pruned.
E.g. He stroked its head and back.
E.g. She stood up and rattled in a cupboard above the sink.
To Hiss
to make a noise like a long s sound
E.g. Anne opened the door and hissed into the dark.
very hot
E.g. The next day was scorching hot.
to persuade someone gently to do something or go somewhere, by being kind and patient, or by appearing to be
E.g. She coaxed him to come swimming.
By: Pancho, Flor , Rochi & Agos
"More Than Just The Disease"
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