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Career Shadowing

The Towers Hair Design

Taylor Mallory

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

The Towers Hair Design Page Pacini Sam & Taylor Business Sign What's the purpose of this business? The purpose of this business
is to "Make America Beautiful" Where will this
company be in
15 years? "I hope to see the business
is still working and hoping
to still have customers and
that Obama doesn't ruin
anything else. What employability skills are needed to work for this company? It's individual it's self-employed to work the company. What is the average salary and education needed to work there? $50,000 a year and 12,000 hours to begin with and you have to renew your license every year and have a newer class each time. What is some technology used in this job? Computer Imaging, Straightener, Blowdryer, Haircurler, Hooded-Dryer, Phones, Cell Phones, Texting What are some skills (job related and social etiquette) needed for this job? Listening***...
following directions,
knowing their wants
and needs What do you like
best about
this job? Talking, schedule,
social event everyday,
like a party everytime
cause it's interesting
topics with clients. What do you dislike best about
this job? Remoderized, new look, updated,
new cleaning service
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