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Hand Washing

No description

Savannah Breaux

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Hand Washing

Objective 3.0
Increase the proportion of elementary, middle, and senior high schools that have health education goals or objectives which address the knowledge and skills articulated in the National Health Education Standards (high school, middle, and elementary).
Hand Washing

Facts: Did YOU know???
Work Cited
"Educational and Community-Based Programs. (n.d.). Healthy People. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from

Edelman, C., Kudzma, E., & Mandle, C. (2014). Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span. (8th ed., p. 302). St. Louis: Elsevier Mosby.

Randle, J., Metcalfe, J., Webb, H., Luckett, J., Nerlich, B., Vaughan, N., et al. (2013). Impact of an educational intervention upon the hand hygiene compliance of children. Journal of Hospital Infection, 85(3), 220-225.
Video Link:https:/

Recommendations For Educational Leadership

Add signs in both English and Spanish in all restrooms and locker rooms as well as hand sanitizer in school cafeterias.
Trash cans need to be placed beside doors, so children can throw their paper towel away after opening the door with it.
Incorporate a school wide art project on washing hands and place the art prominently on the walls.
Have classroom reward systems in place for practicing healthy hand washing hygiene.

Objective 4.1
Increase the proportion of elementary, middle, and senior high schools that provide school health education in hand washing or hand hygiene to promote personal health and wellness.
SMART Goals for Schools
Facts: Did YOU Know???
Let's Get Started
• Put some soap on your hands, and Rub-A-Dub-Dub! Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!
• Wash fingers, front and back of hands, fingernails, and wrists

What's Next?
Washing their hands is the #1 way that germs are kept from being spread between each other? This means if everyone washes their hands regularly, they could really help themselves from getting sick and will be able to keep getting to do the things they really like to do, like play with their friends!
Turn on the water. Make sure it’s warm, but not too hot.
How Long? Sing a Song!
You did it!
Rinse and dry!
Oh me, oh my!
One teeny tiny last thing!
1. After students have watched the presentation, 7 out of 10 students will wash their hands after using the bathroom.
2. After students have watched this presentation 8 out of 10 students will wash their hands before they eat.
The sink is dirty!
Use a paper towel to turn off the water.
Your hands are sparkling clean now!
You are also doing a great job keeping you and your friends from getting sick!
Washing your hands the right way only takes 20 seconds!
A fun way to remember this is to sing Happy Birthday while you are washing your hands.
What will happen if I don't wash my hands?
You will get sick!
Who Knows???
Who Knows???
What is the #1 way YOU can stop spreading germs and help everyone keep from getting sick?

A. Riding your bicycle with your friends for 18 million miles
B. Playing on the monkey bars for 10 years
C. Eating 5,000 pop-sicles
D. Washing YOUR hands for 20 seconds after eating, after going to the bathroom, and after playing outside

D. Washing YOUR hands for 20 seconds after eating, after going to the bathroom, and after playing outside
What is the song YOU can sing while you are washing your hands so you know you have washed them long enough?

A. Old MacDonald Had A Farm
B. The Wheels on The Bus Go Round and Round
C. Where is Thumbkin?
D. Happy Birthday

D. Happy Birthday
Hey Kindergartner! Today we are going to learn about something FUN and healthy!
Leader:Wendy Clark
Co-Leader: Yolanda Alvear
Communicator: Brittany Espree
Expert Tech:Savannah Breaux
Super Hero: Lee Cantos
Educational Community Based Programs
Educational Community Based Programs
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