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Writing Poetry: a beginner's guide

Have to write a poem? Don't know where to start? This Prezi will point you in the right direction.

N Littler

on 30 April 2012

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Transcript of Writing Poetry: a beginner's guide

? How do you write it? You need TWO things. 1: INSPIRATION 2: A PEN! NEWS FLASH:
You are already a poet. !!! (I hope you have a pen) The poems are in your head. We just have to find them. Four pictures are going to appear
Write down the first thoughts that jump into your head There are no wrong responses
Write as much as you can Share your thoughts with those around you.

Together come up with one SIMILE and one METAPHOR for each picture ONE SIMILE ONE METAPHOR Now, choose your favourite picture and words and create a poem! TIPS:
You do not have to include everything you wrote down
If you’re stuck simply string some of the words together
Think about poems you have read and borrow some ideas Extension Activities:
Repeat with a new picture

Link your poem to the theme of 'belonging'

Try an extended metaphor poem
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