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What is the relationship between temperature and latitude?

Even more swagged up

Raheel Qamar

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of What is the relationship between temperature and latitude?

What is the Relationship Between Temperature and Latitude? The closer a country is from the equator, the hotter it will be, since the equator is the hottest spot on earth, because most sunlight hits on the earth year-round. The farther away a country is from the equator, the colder it will be. This is because not much heat can hit there, and the sun's rays will have to hit earth at an an angle, causing less movement in the atoms, generating less heat. My thesis is the temperature of a country can vary on latitude because the closer or farther a country is from the equator, the hotter or colder it will be. Near the equator, temperatures are always high. There is a lot of rain, and areas around it can range with high and low precipitation. In the middle latitudes, summers are hot, and winters can be harsh . There is much precipitation year-round. In high latitudes,
winters are bear and cold, and summers are brief and warm. All year, there is not much
precipitati-on. *Highlighted areas are middle latitudes. *Highlighted areas are high latitudes. In this prezi, tou have just learned the relatioship between temperature and latitude.
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