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No description

Melinda Brunner

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Contraception

Hormonal Contraception
Prevent pregnancy by:
Preventing ovulation
Thickening cervical mucus
Altering the lining of the uterus
Emergency Contraception
Sometimes known as 'Plan B'
NOT an 'Abortion pill'
To be taken up to 5 days following unprotected sex (e.g. condom broke)
Contains hormones that delay the body from releasing an egg
More effective the sooner it's taken
If taken while already pregnant will not end pregnancy
What Is Contraception?
Any means to prevent pregnancy

Barrier methods (e.g. male condom)
Hormonal methods (e.g. birth control pill)

Barrier Contraception
Physical barrier to protect against pregnancy AND STIs
Barrier between cervix and incoming sperm
Consistent use to be effective
Store in cool, dry place
Always check expiry date before use
Birth Control Pills
1 pill taken at the same time each day
21 days of hormones, 7 days of no hormones (menstruation)
98% effective
Birth Control Patch
Hormonal patch worn on the skin
1 patch worn for 1 week, replace patch weekly for 3 weeks
4th week no patch is worn - menstruation
98-99% effective
Less effective if weight >195lbs
Male Condom
Thin latex covering worn over erect penis during sex
Prevents pregnancy and STIs (97% effective)
Should be put on penis before any contact with someone else's body
Female Condom
Hormonal Contraception:
What you need to know
Contain estrogen and progestin
99% effective with perfect use
92-97% effective with typical use
No protection from STIs
$10 at a Halton Sexual Health Clinic
Side Effects
Some normal side effects for the first 2-3 months
Nausea, mood swings
Bloating, breast tenderness
Rarely, some women develop blood clots
Decide if hormonal contraception is right for you with your family doctor or the sexual health clinic!
Hormonal ring inserted inside a woman's vagina
Position does not alter effectiveness
Ring is worn for 3 weeks then removed
4th week no ring is worn - hormone free
Vaginal Contraceptive Film
Small square of clear film inserted into the vagina 15-20 minutes before sex
Remains effective for 3h
Turns into a gel - making a barrier between the cervix and incoming sperm
Also contains a spermicide - kills sperm
More effective combined with condom use (equal effectiveness to the pill)
Available over-the-counter
Depo-Provera - progestin only injection
1 shot every 12 weeks
99.7% effective
Can temporarily increase bone mineral loss
Periods may stop after 1yr of injections
Intra-Uterine Device
Mona Lisa - an IUD for young females
Inserted into the uterus
Made of copper - does not contain hormones
Alters the uterus - difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg
98.7% effective up to 3 years
May cause heavier periods for the 1st 3-4months
Loose-fitting non-latex pouch inserted to line the vagina or anus during sex
Prevents pregnancy and STIs
Can be inserted up to 8h before sex
Where to go
Family Doctor or walk-in-clinics
Halton Sexual Health Clinics provide birth control, pregnancy and STI counseling, and treatment
Health @3350
3350 Fairview St
(905) 825-6000 ext 4548
Health @232
232 South Service Rd
(905) 825-6000 ext 7788
Health @272
372 Queen St
(905) 825-6000 ext 7788
Health @280
280 Guelph St
(905) 825-6000 ext 7788
Health @217
217 Main St E
(905) 825-6000 ext 4548
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