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Christina Tzagarakis-Foster

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of strengths_softskills

The importance of strengths and soft skills in landing a job..... and how to convey them
Strengths: a description and detailing of the technical skills (hardskills) you possess.

In the biotech sector, highlighting your strengths will be a combination of your science, computing and business backgrounds

You can showcase your strengths through your CV and in the interview
How to convey your strengths?
Tip One - Become a storyteller
Giving examples of your strengths is the most powerful method for communicating your skills. Additionally it also helps your listener envision YOU working for THEM.

Tip Two - Share ALL your relevant skills
It’s normal to downplay the brilliance of all you do, but don't sell yourself short! You need to be completely upfront in conveying your various strengths and skills.

Tip Three - Use a template to communicate clearly every time
Here’s and easy to use template for communicating your skills. Simply identify the following: the problem or challenge, what you did, and finally, what the result was. When you share your results try to quantify if you can.

reference: http://www.jobdig.com/articles/1262/How_to_Sell_Your_Self_and_Your_Skills_without_Bragging.html
What is meant by "soft skills"
Personal qualities, habits, attitudes and behavior that make someone a good employee and compatible to work with.

in a nutshell.....PEOPLE SKILLS
When you think of "soft skills", what comes to mind?


effective communication skills

problem solving skills

accepting feedback and applying lessons learned
Assessing your own soft skills
class exercises
-assess your personality
(Myers Briggs test)

-how "identifiable" are you soft
- your resume should be the best and most accurate reflection of who you are and convey what you will offer to the particular position you seek.

- "soft skills" are an incredible tool to hone and continually develop.

-enthusiasm and attitude go a long way
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