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Sony - FIFA Partnership

Sony's investment in FIFA is a sensible sponsorship strategy

Sam Hopkins

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Sony - FIFA Partnership

Brief background on Sony
Brief background on FIFA
Our Statement
The Partnership
Why Invest ?
Q&A Founded in Tokyo in 1946

Ever growing business portfolio

By 21st century Sony Corporation had become a €68 billion consumer electronics and entertainment colossus Electronics still remains the dominant part of the business

From the start, electronics had been a vital engine of growth for Sony's expansions

Most consumers associated the Sony brand with electronics although recently trends among these consumers have changed dramatically

Sony sought after a new opportunity to reach both new and existing customers by becoming partners with the worlds premier football organisation, FIFA Founded in a back room of the headquarters of the union Francaise de Sports Athletiques in Paris in 1904

By 2005 it represented 300,000 soccer clubs worldwide (240 million players, 30 million of these were women)

They organise multiple soccer events every year all over the world along with the most popular sporting event in the world 'The FIFA World Cup' FIFA The orgaisation as a whole has grown from strength to strength since the first major competition in Uruguay in 1930

They have cleverly captured the entire global public and allowed these individuals to engage with soccer on an international level

The audience of this event is made up of many different target markets and segments FIFA Sony-FIFA Partnership 2007-2014 SONY SONY 'No other sporting event captures the worlds imagination like the FIFA World Cup' Sony-FIFA
Partnership Trust
Reliable High Quality "Sony's investment in FIFA is a suitable sponsorship strategy and will boost their target audience " The agreement Sony signed in 2005 with FIFA made them a 'FIFA Partner'

Sony was chosen for the 'Digital Life' category. This covered a wide variety of business activities from entertainment to electronics

This was a sensible partnership for both organistions involved because their brands closely relate Sony has exclusive rights as an official sponsor of 48 FIFA events over 8 years

This entitled Sony not only to use the official FIFA logo and branding but also the 'Sony' brand would be seen by the entire audience through:

Advertising boards in stadiums
TV sponsor credits
Exposure on rotating boards at competitions
Display and sale of products at sites
Exposure on the official FIFA website (www.FIFA.com)
Right of first negotiation with respect to TV commercial airtime/ broadcast sponsor Presentation Overview Why invest ? 'Sony is constantly striving to create exciting new worlds of entertainment that can be experienced on a variety of
different products' Enhance brand value
Access to wider markets
Can directly target their market
Increase sales with their effective marketing
Launch new creative ways of experiencing FIFA events Music Electronics Game Movie Mobile Recommendations Ensure to always create value for money

Keep enhancing the consumers experience

Continue to make sensible partnerships "It benefits both sides from the point of view of branding. FIFA has a spectacular reach around the world through the universal language of football, this is an ideal opportunity for us to leverage the powerful assets of the Sony Group"

CEO- Sony Group Thanks you for
your time

We are happy to now answer any of your questions
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