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LTIbros IND.

No description

erham mergen

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of LTIbros IND.

Erham Mergen (Biomedical)
M. Zahid Erdoğan (Microwave)
Mustafa Çakır (Computer)
Kerem Demirtaş (Telecom)
Ömer Can Dabak (Microwave)

LTIbros IND.

Founded by 5 friends on September,2013 to develop and sell autonomous robots which are capable of achieving some predetermined tasks

Our first project is a robot playing curling against similar opponents

Project Definition and Specifications w.r.t. Standards
A robot will be able to play curling against similar opponents.

All the dimensions of game field and rocks are determined.

General rules of the game are decided, but rules didn't make serious impact on our design.

Robot can be directed between shots, but not during shots.

Robot must be self contained.
Determining the positions of rocks, and robot itself

Capable of moving freely on the game field

Deciding where robot should go and where it will shoot without human help

Minimal Error
Problems & Objectives
Adjustable Firing Power

Aiming Properly (Accuracy)

Firing Position

Positions of all items

Having not any hardwiring

Maximum 1.5 meters shooting range

Obtaining the data of distances of the rocks, game field and robot with camera

Highly maneuverable movement system


Wireless Communication

Operation Time

Good Appereance

Customer will get:
A robot, game field, and 8 rocks

Robot will connected to the PC or Smartphone via Wireless

Robot will either govern itself or get commands from user

3-4 hours operation time

Technical support

Objectives & Goals
Deliverables &Standards
Solution Procedures
Test & Safety
Project Management Team Organization

Introduction, Objectives, Goals, Deliverables, Standards
Solution Procedures
General Solution Procedure
PC Part:
Input (Frame)
Signal Processing
Wireless Communication
Robot Part
Motor Driving by Microcontroller
Firing System
Motion System

MATLAB, Webcam

Jobs needed to be done:

· Taking initial frame from camera
· Mapping distorted frame of game field to real game field
· Rock identifying by color detection
· True locating of coordinates of rocks and robot
· Storing obtained data
· Feedback positioning of robot:

- Taking frames continuously
- Processing these frames and sending obtained data to software part

Main Solution Method
- Perspective correction
- Color intensifying
- Positioning by circle finding

Fast (3 seconds)
Complicated algorithm
Scaled Sample Game Field Frame
Future Works for Positioning
- Aims to be achieved:
3D objects (real rocks) for circle finding
Perfect color matching
Faster algorithm
- Jobs to be done:
Creating a second algorithm for feedback mechanism to control robot’s position
Generating code to take images from camera faster and increasing the samples of images
Aim: To control the subsystems in the robot for winning the game.

- Software in the computer

- Software in the microcontroller
Software In The Computer
Aim: To find a suitable firing location, angle and velocity. According to these values, localizing the robot by controlling motors.
Input: Localization Data about rocks and our robot from positioning system
Output: Speed Values of the motors in the robot.
Operating Platform: Microsoft Windows based PC
Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 C++

Software In The Microcontroller
Aim: According to speed values, produce PWM signals to motor driver
Input: Speed values of the motors from the wireless adapter
Output: PWM Signals to motor driver
Platform: Arduino Uno
Tool: Arduino IDE v1.0

Aim: Placing the robot in determined location.

Inputs: Positioning data of the robot and determined values from previous part.

Outputs: Speed values of the motors

Control of the Robot
Aim: To find an optimal values which will maximize our points in order to win the game

Input: Localization data of the rocks on the game field

Output: Firing location and angle of the robot also firing velocity of the rock

Determining the firing location ,angle
and velocity values
Firing System
Aim: To localize the rock to desired position in the game field.
Input: Distance value between target and robot location.
Output: Firing the rock with given velocity
Items: 1 DC motor and some mechanical components

Photo of our Prototype Firing System
Firing System
Wireless Module
Wireless Communication
Aim: Control robot without handling
Input: Positioning system outputs
Output: Movement system input
Items: Transceiver module and R232 to usb converter

Movement System
Motion system
Aim: to change position of the robot
Input : sent message from computer via wireless module
Output: moving robot to desired location
Items: Dc motors, wheels and etc.

Test & Safety
Test Procedures
Motion mechanism
Firing mechanism
Power consumption
Wireless module

Wireless module
Firing mechanism

Team Organization
Positioning System


Firing Mechanism

Movement Mechanism

Power System

Wireless Communication

Subsystems of the Project
Project Management
Tasks That will be Completed
February: Positioning System, Firing System, Power System
March: Movement System, Wireless Communication
April: Software
May:Integration of subsystems and necessary tests
June: Final Presentation

Risk: Time Delay in process
Solution: Flexible time plan
Risk: Probability of fail in solutions
Solution: Working to fix it with experience
Another Solution Technique

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