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The New American Airlines

Strategic Brand Project

Priscilla Dominguez

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The New American Airlines

The New


Brand History
Birth of the Company
Became known as American Airlines in 1934
The Merger
In February 2013, American Airlines announced merger with US Airways
Merger made AA the world's largest airline
Advertising Review
Medium: Print and Commercials
Advertising message highlights quality customer service as their strength

Situation Analysis
Market Situation
Target Buyers
Environment Trends
Present Advertisement (2013)
New Logo
New Website
"Planes" -Disney Movie
Past Advertisements
Market Size
Market share
Global expansion
Environmental Factors
Market Trends
Market Situation
Target Buyers
Busy Bob
Target market segment:
Family Leisure Travelers
HH size 4
HH income 75K-100K
Average Parent age 40-50
Key Competitors
4 legacy carriers
South West
United Airlines
Market shares
Brand Usage
Positioning Recommendation
Creative Execution 1:
Creative Execution 2:
Creative Execution 3:
Partnership with Disney's Planes
Serving generations of families
Revolutionary change
Providing the best travel solution

Creative Execution 4:
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