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International Business

An Emerging Market Analysis for John Lewis

Kimberley Niu

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of International Business

London An Emerging Market Analysis for Richfield, Minnesota China Why chose ? John Lewis Best Buy Failure in China Prices were considerably high to Chinese consumer

Market was dominated by two major competitors - Best Buy's training fee was higher than Gome and Suning .
Misunderstanding to local consuming habits - Consumers were less interested in unfamiliar brands - Limitations on products' display .
Locations were chosen far away from the city centre - BUT too close to its competitors' stores -
Foreign CEO was unfamiliar with local markets - No local people in top manage level - Atlanta The Home Depot Failure in China Ignored local customer preferences
Product display problem VS. Argos Failures in China Management issue
- Lost competitive advantages
Intense competition
Unsuitable business model Conclusion Institution Formal
Informal Industry Industry-based View
Competition Organisation Business Model
Management issue Consumer Behaviour Recommendation Be International — Act “Local”, Be “Local”! Understand the market WELL, WELL and WELL! Do enough Surveys — P: Legal, law
E: Income level, Market Size, Competitor
S: Culture relations, Population
T: Technical Support
— Consumer behaviour
— Location: Constellation effect or far away from competitors Understand your company WELL Understand both advantages and disadvantages of John Lewis
Comprehensively testify John Lewis that ensure the company can work well in the selected emerging market: China. Combine International with Local Use excellent management theories
Cover local residents within the management group
Sell both international and local brands Developing Good Relationship with Local Partners Suppliers/ Government/ Media/ Brands/ Customers Start with Small. Develop Fast. Start with a small size first
Develop fast as soon as it works Prepare for Exit Just in case Thank You! Any Question Main Reasons References References Bhasin (2012) Why IKEA Took China By Storm, While Home Depot Failed Miserably [online] Available at: http://www.businessinsider.com/ikea-home-depot-china-failed-2012-9#ixzz2MwPPA0MJ. Last accessed at: 27/02/2013.
Burkit (2012) Home Depot Learns Chinese Prefer 'Do-It-for-Me' [online] Available at: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444433504577651072911154602.html. 27/02/2013.
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Kang, X. (2013). Haier partners with British Argos Entering E-commerce. [Online], available at: http://www.morningwhistle.com/html/2013/Company_Industry_0205/217056.html. Last accessed at: 11/03/2013.
Millward, S. (2013). British Retailer Argos Goes for Chinese Clicks with New E-Commerce Store. [Online], available at: http://www.techinasia.com/british-retailer-china-ecommerce-store/. Last accessed at: 10/03/2013.
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National Bureau of Statistic (2012). China Commerce Association For General Mechandise, Economist Intelligence Unit. [Online] available at: http://www.eiu.com/. 26/02/2013 Sources: National Bureau of Statistic, 2012 China Designed by Kimberley Niu
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