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LSI Mission Vision and Values


J Tetteroo

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of LSI Mission Vision and Values

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Purpose
to continuous
process improvement
is a component of every interaction
in our organization
for languages, culture and clear communications
Core Competencies
listeners and critical thinkers
Strong detail-oriented
we are all teachers
and we are all students
Growth & Development
committed to
simply click on the right arrow below to go through the presentation
to work with
Client Mentor Program
for our clients and our industry
full screen view
Our Values
We want to be an organization that has close relationships with clients and suppliers by striving for excellence in everything we do, whereby 80% of our revenue comes from qualified high value clients who choose us as their preferred vendor.

Mentorship with clients with defined tools, objectives and measures for their management of global communications
Technology and Solution advising
Translation and Translation Management
A Baldridge focused culture
Process management
Our purpose is based on our passion for opening minds and shaping perspectives of people and organizations as they create communications for their global audiences, embracing a perspective of translations and communications from that of a commodity to an asset for the organization.

By making organizations aware of the impact that culture and values have on the language in their communications and connecting that with their overall strategic business goals and with the end user of those communications more effectively, we can bring the global community a little closer together. In effect, we can be a catalyst for global change... one person by one person, one communication by one communication.
We enable our customers to be able to communicate effectively and ensure understanding in other languages as well as with limited literacy populations.
We rely on high-performing employees and team members in a Baldrige focused culture, excellence in translation management, cutting edge technologies and mentorship of our customers in partnership with them as their Trusted Advisor and First Call for multilingual communications, technology strategies and health literacy writing.
Exceed Customer Expectations
Committed to Personal Growth and Learning
Dedication to Continuous Process Improvement
Striving for Performance Excellence every day
Advocacy of effectiveness of communication for the end user
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