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Copy of Fiction Genres

Middle School

Nicole Blahnik

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Fiction Genres

Do you have a favorite?
Genres of Fiction

Mystery- A narrative involving a crime or problem around which the plot is built. The main character (sleuth) is on a search to find the hidden secrets to explain clue-based events, the truth, and solve the problem. The focus is on the character and actions of the person solving the crime rather than on the criminal or victims of the crime.
Suspension of reality
conflict between good and evil
magic plays a key role
Strange or other worldly settings
or characters
talking animals
could possibly happen
reflects life as it could be lived today (drama)
you could see yourself in the story or someone you know in the story
Historical facts (could be real setting or events) blend with imaginary (fictional) characters and plot.

The story could have occurred in the past.

These are novels and stories written in a comical and amusing manner.
The purpose is to entertain and make you laugh.
characters participate in exciting experiences involving risk or danger.
Adventures usually take place in the great outdoors or during the Old American West (1860-1900's)
Science Fiction is a story which examines worlds based on technology and invention that might be possible in the future.

Sometimes time travel is used in these types of stories.
Examples of Realistic Fiction Books
Examples Historical Fiction Books
Examples of Science Fiction Books

"Closed for the Season"
by Mary Downing Hahn
Examples of Humorous Fiction Books
Examples of Adventure Fiction Books

Examples of Fantasy Fiction Books
What is fiction?
Telling of stories that are made-up
Purpose is to entertain
Read in Order : Beginning, Middle and End
Story Elements
(Characters, Settings, Events, Plot/Problem, Solution)

What is a genre?
Type or category of a fiction story.
Dealing with the solution of a crime

Unraveling of secrets

Author gives clues to help you solve the mystery

Examples of Mystery Fiction Books
Evokes a feeling of dread in both the characters and the reader

Events are suspenseful

Plots keep you on the edge of your seat

Examples of Horror Fiction Books
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