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Investing in the Classroom Community with PLFS - NMHEAR 2013

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Mary Cianflone

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Investing in the Classroom Community with PLFS - NMHEAR 2013

Who are the PLFs? Investing in the Classroom Community with
Peer Learning Facilitators What are STEM Gateway courses? Core Requirement, Entry Level Program Requirement, and/or Survey courses within Dept. of Education-approved STEM disciplines that can be applied towards degrees in these disciplines

Companion courses (labs, problem solving courses, etc.) that are connected to Core Requirement or Program Requirement courses

Pre-requisite courses that are required by students to take Core Requirement or Program Requirement courses undergraduate and graduate students

academically qualified in the course

aware of the challenges in Gateway STEM classes

eager to help their peers succeed academically through collaboration and mentorship Benefits of the
PLF Program? The University of New Mexico STEM Gateway program seeks to increase the number of Hispanic and other low-income students attaining STEM degrees.

STEM Gateway initiatives focus resources on undergraduate science and math courses that serve as gateways to STEM degrees, and that traditionally have had low success rates. The STEM Gateway program is funded through a U.S. Department of Education TITLE V grant, 2011-2016 (total anticipated funding $3.82 million). Students: extra academic support
one-on-one mentorship
success in STEM paths Faculty: feasible collaborative learning activities
eyes on the floor
strengthened upper-level community PLFs: immersion in difficult material
multiple mentorship opportunities
academic on-campus job Does having a classroom community even matter? What does a classroom community look like? Math
Earth & Planetary Sciences Community: has independent, autonomous members

may look different at different times

is often part of larger communal spaces
Mary Cianflone, STEM Gateway, University of New Mexico Questions?

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