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CIS 1020 Extra Credit Mmcl1122 Period 8

Sexy beasts

M Mmcl

on 15 January 2010

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Transcript of CIS 1020 Extra Credit Mmcl1122 Period 8

Microsoft Word Word lets you create automatic headers for the top and bottom of each page, with different margins and spacing for each one. Word also lets you write formatted businiess
and personal letters, and memos Microsoft
Excel Microsoft Excel lets you link certain data on the spreadsheet to a graph that you make, and it updates each change to the spreadsheet onto the graph automatically. Excel allows you to create charts
that contain different information. Excel lets you create a macro virus. Microsoft
Powerpoint Straight forward presentations
at your fingertips Powerpoint lets you create brochures and photo albums. Powerpoint has many unique and different animations for each slide. Powerpoint lets you use a different transition for each slide. Powerpoint does NoT let you use a water gun attack. Graphs, tables, and functions
all in one space. Basic word processor, with tons of features
such as autosummary and autocorrect Ethics What rules do you live by? Everything has rules,
including the internet.
Some things to avoid
on an email, a chatting site, or anywhere on the web are When sending an email, keep it short and sweet. Even Pokemon has rules.
Respect your Pokemon. Don't send spam, or viruses. Internet/Email Mass communication in a simple
web browser There are many email clients that are free and easy to use. The internet is essentially a huge network of computers and resources. A "Blind Carbon Copy" (BCC) lets you send the email to several people without revealing their email addresses. Word lets you create several types of reports, such as expense reports, or simple academic reports. The End
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