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Simon Birch

No description

Alley Turcotte

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Simon Birch

(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... The movie Simon Birch is an emotional passage of a young boy
that everyone contemplates restricted, but consumes an
excessive amount of bravery and self-deprecating humor.
Simon receives numerous varieties of disrespect from many
people because of his peculiar appearance making his life
challenging as ever. His parents have no concern for him and
everyone studies him like he is from another universe;
but Simon has his best friend Joe who is always there standing
up for him and Joes mother Mrs. Wenteworth who appears
more as a mother then his biological mother. Simon believes
God made him the way he is for a reason and that God has a
specialplan for him. For his brief period of time on the earth
Simon devotes his time trying to verify what his plan was.
Simon succeeded as God intended and educated countless
children and adults that God does have a plan for everyone;
you just need to determine what it is. Movie Overview Mrs. Wenteworth Character Discription Mrs. Wenteworth is a tremendously sympathetic
woman who shows nothing but care to everyone no
matter their appearance or their previous history.
She is the mother of Joe Wenteworth and is a superb
guardian. Mrs. Wenteworth shows nothing less than
compassion towards Simon; she is continually
helping him and treating him like a normal child
and expects nothing in return. Unfortunatly during the movie she passes away do to an unfortunate swing of a baseball Reverend Russell is the Reverend at the church were Simon Birch attends. Reverend one night hooked up with Mrs. Wenteworth and never spoke of it to anyone. Reverend Russell is secretly Joe's father. Reverend Russell Ben Goodrich became Mrs. Wenteworths boyfriend during the movie. He is extremely thoughtful and tries his best to understand everybody he meets. Ben soon becomes the guardian of Joe Wenteworth soon after his mother passes away. Ben Goodrich Joe Wenteworth is an amazing human being. He looks deeper then appearances and finds who you truly are and loves you for that. Joe is an incredible friend to Simon, he is continuously standing up for him when he is being wronged. During the movie Joes mother passes away during a terrible accident. Joe find outs Reverend Russell is his father and has lied to him for 12 years and his best friend Simon passes away when their bus crashes on their way back from the winter retreat. Joe Wenteworth Beatitude Examples Simon Birch is the main character of this movie. Simon is physically unappealing and is disabled because of how small he is. Everyone bullies him and he never listens to them. Joe Wenteworth is his bestfriend, Simon always is there for Joe. Simons family is unsporting of him and don't show him any love. Unfortunately Simon accidentally kills Joes mother who cares for Simon with all her heart, and feels nothing but regret. Simon spends his short period of time on Earth trying to figure out Gods plan for him. After he successfully accomplished what he discovered to be Gods plan he passing away. Simon Birch blessed are they who mourn, for theirs is the kingdom of God - simon mourns when he kills joe's mother by hitting the baseball.
Simons coach was finally asking him to swing the bat instead of letting them pass by him. Simon got so exited, he slowly studies the ball, then he studies the pitcher. Simon lets the first pitch pass, then the second and finally he hits the third. It flys way out of bounds and its called a foul. Meanwhile Mrs. Wenteworth was walking towards the feild to support Simon and Joes and the ball landed right on her head. Everyone rushed over to help her and they announced her dead. Simon felt so bad, he mourned for days feeling nothing but guilt. Simon Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
- Joe Wenteworth lives out this beatitude when he finds Simon at Mrs. Wenteworths grave and forgives him for accidentally killing his mother. Joe Wenteworth Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Simon Birch - Simon lives out this beatitude when the bus swerves off the road to avoid a deer and drove into the water. Simon had an easy excape but turned around to help the others who were stuck on the bus and it cost him his life. THANK
YOU Simon Birch By: Alley
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