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Lisa LaChapelle

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of WHY I TEACH


I will create a safe learning environment in which all students can learn to their highest potential. A learning environment where mistakes are seen as opportunities for richer learning. I foster respect, creativity, and individuality.

Every student differs and must be challenged to work to his/her greatest capacity. Each student will be regarded as an UNIQUE and IMPORTANT individual and will be made to feel that he/she is progressing. Students will be given varieties of valuable learning experience. They will be given the opportunity to grow at their own rate and in their own individual way. They will be guided firmly, but with kindness and impartiality. Opportunities for learning will be provided that develop skills which enable each student to achieve academically and personally to his/her greatest potential and to provide an opportunity for each student to use his/her special talents.

Fair Isn't Everybody getting the same thing... Fair Is Everybody getting what they need In order to be Successful.
When teaching students with learning disabilities, the distinction between equality and equity must be highlighted. Sameness is not fairness and difference is not inferiority.
All students have different learning styles.  As the teacher, it is my job to discover how each child learns best and integrate those styles into my teaching.  I differentiate in many ways in my classroom—from the materials they use to the work they complete.
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