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Active Supervision Spring 2013

No description

John Thoms

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Active Supervision Spring 2013

Expect Connect Correct Active Supervision Protect Be on time
Be visible
Scan Am I always on time for my supervision responsibility? Do I only leave the area I am supervising after I have told another adult? Am I purposeful about looking around at all students in the area? Do I continuously move throughout the area? Do I move randomly to avoid a pattern? Know, teach and maintain school-wide expectations
Set and uphold high standards
Proactively intervene
Use proximity Do I know and am I prepared to consistently enforce the school-wide expectations? Do I believe that all students can and will meet the expectations? Do I move closer to students who are having difficulties and stay longer in probelm areas so that students know I am monitoring? Do I step in at the onset of any potential problem? Do I correct low-level misbehavior? Be consistent, calm and respectful
Monitor body language, tone of voice and facial expression
Use the two minute rule If an issue with a student cannot be resolved in 2 minutes, you are entering.... the power struggle zone! After 2 minutes, find an exit (e.g. we'll talk about this later) or another adult to help resolve the issue Do I make a point of correcting misbehavior consistently? Do I respond to misbehavior in a calm manner? Do I use a professional tone and stance when correcting student behavior? Do I correct misbehavior without public humiliation? Do I provide clear and effective directions? Do I use an instructional approach when correcting misbehavior? Do I respond thoughtfully when a student fails to follow directions? Interact positively
Focus on building relationships
Avoid embarrassment Do I always greet students in a positive and welcoming manner as they enter the setting? Do I give students sincere and specific feedback? Do I acknowledge positive student behavior 3 times as often as I redirect negative behavior? Do I intentionally seek out and connect with students who have difficulty? Keeps kids safe! (If you say you're going to check back in with the student, make sure to do it. They remember even if you don't.)
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