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No description

Ramona Mohorea

on 23 December 2013

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Marriott Chains
Company profile
Core values:
"Non-strategic" management
Activities conducted on a daily basis:
customer service (step-by-step instruction about everything given to its employees
basic philosophy "people serving people"

fair treatment of every employee
customer knowledge
Risk management
Marriott International, Inc. are quite risky on approach, hence why it is not wrong to say that the company presents a risk appetite
Risk appetite:
Entering an overseas market (costs & profit implications)
Opening a new hotel in Jakarta( several bomb attacks, due to cultural differences)
Making its service and products available in the emerging markets
Marriott : now & then
Strategic Management
Mission statement:
1927- Marriott International, Inc. was funded by the Marriott Family (a root beer stand in Washington,D.C.)
1937- branched off into in-flight catering at Hoover Airfield
1957-opened their first hotel, Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel, in Arlington, Virginia
1972-J.W.Marriott, Jr. succeeded his father as CEO
1984-Marriott enters vacation time sharing business with acquisition of American Resorts Group.
1989-Company plans to sharpen focus on mega-markets in lodging and contract services.
2013-3, 801 properties in 74 different countries
source: Joyen, 2013
Source: Marriott Fact Book, 2012
Now, 2013
Then, 1957
Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa
Source: TripAdvisor, 2013)
Marriott Motor Hotel, Twin Bridges U.S
Source: Cardcow, 2013
"From luxurious resorts to urban retreats, bold boutiques to spacious suites, there’s a Marriott® hotel brand as unique as the reasons you travel. The choice is all yours … the pleasure is all ours" (Marriott, 2013)

Putting people first
Pursuing Excellence
Embrace Change
Serving our world
Acting with integrity
Source: Adapted from Marriott, 2013
"To enhance the lives of our customers by creating and enabling unsurpassed vacation and leisure experiences."
Vision statement:

"Making Marriott the #1 hospitality company in the world." (Marriott, 2013)
Strategy formulation= MISSION + OBJECTIVES + AUDIT



Key strategic decisions:
Global Growth/ Internationalization
Portfolio power: Getting involved in community service projects and initiatives
Next generation travelers
Owner preference
Brand distinction: creating a symbol that differentiates the corporation from their competitors (e.g. Dubai's tallest hotel in the world)
Smart visa policies to stimulate global travel
Technology leadership: Online marketing & Unique facilities
"Management by walking around" get to know your competitors
Although Marriott International, Inc. is doing great at the moment, further implementations could prove to be beneficial to the corporation
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