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COjacks Presentation

No description

Deacon Rodda

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of COjacks Presentation

In Building a Better Economy for Colorado
Cj6,000 Minimum Business Credit Limit
10% or 30% of annual revenue Maximum Credit Limit, by commitment level
Business profile on cojacks.com
COjacks representative assigned to each business
Damaged bills exchanged for new
Cj100 Bonus for referring new Business Members
The Colorado Standard
COjacks are a local currency designed to maximize local economic potential.
COjacks are . . .
How COjacks Work:
Complementary Currencies have been used to enhance local economies for a very long time.

Some examples are very simple, and go nearly unnoticed.

Each serves a somewhat different function in their respective communities.
The Benefits of COjacks Membership
Join Us
Member Benefits Include:
COjacks Members receive increased Operating Capital without Debt or Interest.
A Local Currency for the Businesses
and People of Colorado

Could you grow if you had more clients?
a paper currency . . .
Could you grow with extra cash?
Would you like to develop your relationships with other local businesses?
for goods and services . . .

. . . treated as equal to the dollar.
Your Business Agrees to Accept COjacks
You Buy COjacks to Spend Like Dollars
You Spend COjacks
COjacks Come Back to You!
The COjacks
Currency Cycle
Each COjacks member business agrees to treat COjacks as equal to the dollar, but that doesn't mean taking COjacks for 100% of every sale.
Agree to accept 30% or more of any transaction in COjacks to buy COjacks at a rate of:
$1 to Cj3
Agree to accept 10% or more of any transaction in COjacks to buy COjacks at a rate of:
$1 to Cj2
The value in the COjacks network is created by each members agreement to accept COjacks as equal to the dollar.
The Ithaca Hour
Established in a town of only 30,000 people the Ithaca HOUR has contributed to local economic stability with a quickly recirculating, but modest issuance of little more than the equivalent of $100,000.
The Wir
Fureai Kippu
In this partial time-banking system individuals can earn credits for elderly care for their relatives in other parts of the country, or for their own retirement, by caring for any elderly person in the Fureai Kippu network.
And there are many more:
Airline Miles
Bus Transfers, Tokens
Arcade Tokens
Gift Cards, Certificates
investing in the local community
Your business chooses between two levels of commitment.
If you spend a dollar with a national business it will be re-spent in your region, on average, one and a half times.
If you spend with a local business your money will recirculate, on average, four or five times.
Because COjacks are a local currency, its membership only available to Colorado based businesses, it will stay close to where you spend it, bolstering much greater momentum in the Colorado economy.
COjacks recruits your Suppliers
COjacks functions sort of like a concierge. We source your needs in the local community, finding partners who fit your business needs and will return business to you and your network.
COjacks will also recruit your existing suppliers. When you refer a new business member to COjacks you increase your purchasing power with that business.
Just as COjacks seeks to find the most ideal sources for your business needs we also represent your business to others.
Once you are a COjacks member our job is to integrate you into the most productive loops in the local economy.
Phone Cards
Postage Stamps
Customer Reward Points
This allows you to do business with a number of great local companies,
providing . . .
Michael + Jesse
Buy COjacks
owners of Housegreening
pays Cj1000
for printing
pays Cj1000
for a commercial
pays Cj1000
for legal services
pays Cj1000
for printing
pays Cj1000
for a commercial
pays Cj1000
for legal services
pays Cj500
for house cleaning
pays Cj500
for signage
pays Cj500
for house cleaning
pays Cj500
for web design
. . . and so on.
Deacon Rodda
Brok McFerron
(443) 694-3618
(303) 501-7244
Additionally, we will give you Cj100 for every new COjacks Member Business that you refer.
Established in 1934, the Wir bank accredits commercial operations throughout Switzerland. Wir credits are transferred between business accounts in a private, zero-sum, banking system. This allows for increased economic activity not facilitated by the Swiss Franc, or Euro, alone.
BerkShares are a local currency designed for use in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts. Issued by NGO BerkShares, Inc., which works in collaboration with local banks, businesses, and non-profit organizations, Berkshares are a mass community effort to develop local economic sustainability, and interdependence.
Your agreement brings us one step closer to realizing this far reaching solution for Colorado's economic future.
Health & Fitness
Real Estate
Home & Garden
Design & Build
Fine Art | Jewelry
Jeff Cole
(303) 494-5511
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