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Goliad Massacre

Texas History Project

Grace Tyler

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Goliad Massacre

The Goliad Massacre
Before the Massacre
The Goliad Massacre started when the Mexicans invaded into Texas. This invasion was led by General Santa Anna who was followed by 5000 men. The Texans were led by James W. Fannin to protect the borders of Goliad. The Battle of Coleto preceded the Goliad Massacre when Fannin and the Texans tried to retreat from Goliad.
The Goliad Massacre began on March 27, 1836 at 6:00 AM. Only an hour later, the Texans raised the white flag (signaling their surrender). Santa Anna captured the men as prisoners and sent out the prisoners into three groups and were shot in an open field.
Key Figures
Some of the key figures of the Goliad Massacre were...
Santa Anna (Left picture)- Mexican Commander
James W. Fannin (Middle picture)- Commander of the Texans
Sam Houston (Right picture)- Ordered Fannin to abandon Goliad
Cited Work



The battle took place in the town of Goliad, which was located in South Texas.
The Goliad Massacre, set in the town of Goliad on March 27, 1836, was an execution of Republic of Texas soldier-prisoners and their commander, James Fannin, by the Mexican Army. 465 people were taken prisoner and of those people 342 were killed. This is why the battle is significant. This made the Texans angry and led to th Battle of San Jacinto.
Question One
Question Two
Question Five
Question Six
What was the date of when the Goliad Massacre happen?
A. December 12, 1492
B. March 27, 1836
C. March 29, 1835
D. September 27, 1492
What time did the Goliad Massacre happen?
A. 6:30 AM
B. 6:00 AM
C. 6:30 PM
D. 6:00 PM
Who led the Texans during the Goliad Massacre?
A. Sam Houston
B. Santa Anna
C. James W. Fannin
D. Santa Clause
How many Texas men were killed during the goliad massacre?
A. 305
B. 89
C. 930
D. 342
Question Three
What were the Texans doing when the Mexicans attacked?
A. Letting their oxen graze in an open field
B. Gazing at the Stars
C. Hunting in an open field
D. Trading with the Europeans
Question Four
Who ordered James Fannin to abandon Goliad?
A. His mom
B. George Washington
C. Santa Anna
D. Sam Houston
Now its time for a Quiz!!
Partner up and get ready!!
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