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No description

Katherine Muston

on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of DOYLE V. OHIO

The Buy
Bonnell an informant offers to buy 10 lbs from drug "pushers" in return for support in his efforts to receive lenient treatment in his latest legal problems
The Buy
Bonnell makes the arrangment with Doyle and Wood
They Meet at a bar
Doyle leavs the bar in his car
Bonnell and Wood go to another location to meet Doyle
Doyle arrives and exchange was made
Who was selling marihuana to whom?
Agents only saw Bonnell with the package, standing next to Doyle's car
They did not see the transaction
The arrangement was for $1750
They were caught with $1320
Doyle V. Ohio
A Defendant's silence may not be used to impeach his credibility on the stand

This case demonstrates the interaction between the due process clause and the rules of evidence.
Doyle explained:
They were set up
Doyle left to get money to buy only 2 lb
Bonnell brought 10 lb
Bonnell thew the money inside the car and left
Doyle and Wood circled around to find him and ask about the money
They were then arrested
The Set up?
Rights Warnings
They remained silent and did not give details on what happened.

They were both arrested
Here are
some extra assets :
Impeachment purposes
Fourteenth Amendment
Due Process Clause
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