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Romeo and Juliet Characters in real life

No description

Brad Bixler

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Characters in real life

Romeo and Juliet Characters in real life
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars is whiny and thinks too much about his "love." As a singer, Bruno Mars sings about how he loves someone and how he would die for them, however, he also can get very happy and show his emotions through singing.

Romeo is a character that starts out depressed because of a woman he can not have. Then finds another woman, whom he falls in love with the same day; then he kills himself for her. Bruno Mars has similar qualities that would make him perfect for the position. They are both tragically romantic.
Child Miley
Juliet is a naive, 12 year old that falls in love for the first time, she is full of life and very dramatic, she is very joyful, and a bit light headed.
Juliet would be played by a skilled actor or someone with the same qualities as her. The best fitting character for her would be the 12 year old version of Miley Cyrus.
Capulet is the father of Juliet, he refuses to let his 12 year old daughter marry until two more years. Capulet is the family leader, he is the patriarch. He can become angered very easily. The best fitting character for this would be Al Pacino because he is a skilled actor and has many roles where he gets frustrated and crazy.
Al Pacino
Montague is the father of Romeo and the leader of the family. He is a person who doesn't say much but commands others on what to do. He really wants peace instead of violence. The best fitting character for this role would be Marlon Brando because of his role in The Godfather, where he is leader of the family and he tries to finally make peace with the other families.
Marlon Brando
The Prince
The Prince of Verona is in charge over the town, he tries to keep peace in his town, but some of his decisions are not just and lead into more trouble. The best fitting character for this role would be Nick Cage because he will take any role and he will probably do a good job and he is a diplomat as well as a skilled actor.
Tybalt is a man with lots of anger and the cousin of Juliet Capulet, he is confused with what is happening but is loyal to Capulet. He truly hates the Montagues. The best fitting character for this role would be Hugh Jackman from his role in The Wolverine because he can not control his anger and kills people when he is mad.
Nick Cage
Mercutio is a Montague, he is against the Capulets and a friend to Romeo, he tries to make Romeo find a woman. He is very calm and tends to make jokes. Mercutio dies in the end by the sword of Tybalt. He creates levity, but fails when he battle Tybalt to defend Romeo. The best fitting character for this would be Lil Terio because he is funny and seems a bit intimidating and easily angered.
Benvolio is a Montague and a friend of Romeo, he tries to be peaceful and make Romeo happy. He tries to make jokes to settle problems. The best fitting character for this role would be Morgan Freeman because he is a good actor with a convincing voice and his role in Now You See Me shows how emotional he sounds in some of his scenes.
The nurse is basically the mothering figure for Juliet, she loves and cares for Juliet. The best fitting character for this role would be Barbara Streisand because of her role in The Guilt Trip as a mother, and because she has strong intrusive physical features, but a very nurturing nature.
Friar Lawerence
Friar Lawerence is the Friar of Verona and a religious person in the city, he marries Romeo and Juliet. The best character for this role would be Joel Olsteen because he believes in doing what is right for God and carrying out a peaceful vision.
Friar John
Friar John was supposed to send a message but did not because he was too scared of catching the plague in the nearby city. The character that would play this role is Jonah from the bible because he was a coward who would not go to a city and preach because he was scared of the city people.
Joel Olsteen
Morgan Freeman
Paris is the future husband of Juliet and a disingenuous person because he was satisfied with marrying a person with whom he does not actually love. He would marry for the reputation and money. The best fitting character for this role would be Justin Bieber because he is a wannabe that does things just to have fame and look cool. He could easily portray Paris without even acting!
Justin Bieber
Barbara Streisand
Lady Capulet
Lady Capulet is the mother of Juliet and wife of Capulet. She is wealthy and aristocratic. She bosses Juliet around. She isn't understanding of Juliet. The best fitting character for this role would be Madonna because she is obstinate, she could play this role well because her personality is matching with Lady Capulet's.
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