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Participatory Journalism

A presentation for the Internews Big Picture Journalism Training, 4 - 8 June 2012, Nairobi

Nicholas Benequista

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Participatory Journalism

Nicholas Benequista

London School of Economics and Political Science

email: n.p.benequista@lse.ac.uk
twitter: @benequista
The Five W's of Participatory Journalism (and one H)
"Participatory journalism"
"Networked journalism"
"Open journalism"
"Citizen journalism"
"Crowd-sourced journalism"
WHAT is participatory journalism?

Mainstream journalism +
more input from citizens
into the news making process
What is news today?
It's the co-operative meeting!
The big news today is that the CDF money is missing again!
It's the drought. When will the rain come?
Setting the
news agenda
Co-operative meets as drought enters third month; irrigation scheme canceled due to corruption
Participatory journalism

New technologies...

Old debate
Before WHAT
let's look at WHY
Before WHAT
let's look at WHY
Powerful voices dominate the news (news too 'objective')
Too much news on trivial topics
Politicized by owners, the news isn't trusted by the public
Journalists can't do their job because there is no transparency
Journalists can't do their job because there are no resources
WHO are we letting in?
Participants at the event
text in comments:
"Head of the co-op says rise in membership fee to fund new irrigation scheme."
Phone lines opened to get public feedback on the proposal.
Journalist gets a hold of a written proposal, which is read on air
You run a story as the event closes, with highlights from the citizen contributions, but...
Six months later, you ask people in the community to verify that the plan has been implemented
A journalist investigates the claims that the new irrigation scheme is also failing
Coverage and comment on the event
New Role for Journalists
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr

Citizens - new voices
Collaboratively producing stories
At all stages of the process
In the world; in our newrooms;
in our heads
Because our news (and our institutions) aren't good enough
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