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Youtube presentation

Transcript: the history of Youtube By: Bhavyaa Shukla Youtube's Founding Youtube was founded after 3 former paypal emoplyees had thought that there should be a video sharing website, after months of working on it, youtube was officly up on the internet on feburaury 14th , 2005. Youtubes's founding. The founders. The founders. Chad Hurley Steve Chen Jawed Karim 1st generation This genration was very imporetant , since it set the tone for what youtube orginally was ,this generation known more for it's videos , then an actual channel , this generation also defined , what a viral video was. First Generation Some examples Some examples KeyBoard Cat Or the starwars kid The postives and negatives of youtube Positives and nagitives The postives of youtube The negatives of youtube Let's us share videos Copyrights people , even when it's for a good purpose Has proven to be a good , even great job People can be noticed , in the wrong way , like in a viral vid How it was used vs today How it was orginally invented vs how it's used today Youtube has been changed , many ways , the smallest being , fonts changing One way , it changed Youtube was a small video sharing website that used adobe flash video technology . now it’s the 2nd biggest search engine in the world , most likely after google One way , it changed 2nd way it changed 2nd way it changed Stem was used in creating youtube! How the stem procces was used in making youtube Stem Chart Stem Chart What physics or materials are involved? adobe flash video technology was used in every video to play it properly Why was you product created? What was the need? it was so that people could share videos to each other. simple as that , and z pretty unknown fact-it was a dating site at one point What things were considered in the design/creation of your product? the look used in the design part. Like i’ve said youtube has rapidly changed it’s look , and logo What math was involved? math was used to find out , the width and length of a video , like how big or small you can make the window. If i ever had the chance to change youtube , i would make it so that people could use copy-righted music in their videos . These people still would have to say If i could change youtube .... If i could change youtube .... Websites i used Websites i used

YouTube presentation

Transcript: Definition YouTube is an online video creating/sharing website Users are able to like, dislike, comment, subscribe and unsubscribe to channels History YouTube was created in February of 2005 by: Chad Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim The first YouTube video ever created was on April 23rd 2005, and the video was titled " Me at the Zoo ", it can still be viewed via the website. YouTube issued the public a preview of what was to come in May 2005 The site officially launched to the public in November of 2005 In the summer of 2006, YouTube was one of the fastest growing websites by popularity 65,000 video's were being uploaded daily as well as 100 million video views! 12 - 17 year old's were the most popular video viewing age group In 2012, roughly 60 hours of video content is produced every minute and there are 800 million active users YouTube's headquarters are in San Bruno, California Purpose YouTube allows you to upload, like, dislike, comment and subscribe to channels You can upload any type of genre of video to YouTube such as movie, episode of a show, a skit, weather videos, entertainment etc. The website also allows you to voice your opinion and share what you feel is right on current events locally and internationally The analytic feature shows you trends, popularity of your videos, and your subscribers gain and loss rate Uses YouTube can be used for educational purposes That video explained the division of fractions Positives YouTube gives kids experience with using or making video technology A YouTube video can be used for a lecture at a university YouTube can also be used as a math lesson Negatives YouTube can be a bad influence to kids YouTube can become very addicting Kids are watching YouTube videos instead of doing their homework Educational As I have said YouTube can teach kids a math lesson or a history lesson on the world war It can be very beneficial for school subjects Bibliography Mr Donaldson grade 8 2012 YouTube

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