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Yearly Business Review Presentation Template

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Yearly review

Transcript: Hands-on experience of BDD 2 new members Michelle and Tim joined us 2013 outlook Test case review in more diverse styles: outline, mindmap, etc. QA team building SPS project What I did in QA team Continued to attend testing salons, meetings, webinars, etc. Thanks to all! Karen Li Shared 20+ times in QA team I could be wrong. I must struggle for my own time. 3 study groups in development under coordinators' leadership Organized 4 QA workshops with QA green hands Tac QA team in 2012: 1 2 3 Regrets Joined Dev's Ruby study group technical innovation capability 1 month iteration demands changes on testing Make CI beneficial: still too much technical obstacles to overcome although made some progress in 2012 SPS QA weekly meeting with one topic sharing More related to work Sometimes invited DEV to share Dogfooding Worked with 2 QA to build Rally test daily report Build QA expertise in requirement as QA group strength: not discussed enough with others in advance People and things that changed me in 2012 Studied ET masters' articles and Rapid Software Testing course One step forward to requirement, one step forward to development Started JS test coverage analysis in 2 modules My 2012 yearly review and 2013 outlook Test data management in auto test: Postponed because of IRIS4 synthetic test data tool rollout plan Testing in SPS project In each sprint Estimate TC design effort, and balance workload Peer test case review for 2 stories ET for 2 stories owned by other QA Make CI beneficial My daughter Continuous learning

Yearly review

Transcript: ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REVIEW Lets start from the start I joined 7 months ago The start Within my first week I was assigned to redesign the internal Engineers Blog and with that: EngineeringBlog OMIC Thought Sam the principals of programming and how to organize a code Created impact as all engineers uses the blog Learned about the deployment process at DAZN/DX Within the first week: SRE Created impact outside of DX by joining forces with SRE helping to create the Release Page App ( ) Mentored Georgi about React / Frontend and thought him how to structure an FE project In 7 months of DAZN I could... During 7 months Learn Cloud technology Learn Typescript Learn new ways to architecture projects Get in touch with Golang Speak and share more in public/outside of my team Share memes and create connections <3 Had a total of 108 tasks completed Jira Tasks Besides having around ~50 tasks pair programming / mentoring Amount GitHub PR opened GitHub contributions 114 Pull Requests Estimated around Paring GitHub contributions 39 Pull Requests Pair programmed contributions Had a total of 2 Blog posts Blog posts & Presentations 7 tools and features that you can use on your blog post React Advanced London 2021 – My first conference ever ~7 Workshops 1 workshop with new joiners 6 workshops with hiring managers Had a total of 3 Mentees Mentors & Mentees Samm Georgi Julie Infinity Mentors But officially 01, Belal :) Had a total of 7 bets as a main contributor Bets & Support and a total of 11 support messages List of BETS BETS Bet 4 : New joiner onboarding page ( Bet 7: Engineering Website ( Bet 8: Onboarding data gathering ( Bet 9 : Onboarding MVP - infra and web platform for administering the onboarding ( Bet 3 : SRE Mindful Release Page UI ( Bet 5: Improve UX/UI for Engineering Blog ( Goals achieved Deliver new joiner MVP page: Contribute more for team projects: MyZn roadmap: Goals New joiner MVP New joiners using it: 4 Feedback average: 5 out 5 30% of the tasks completed: Yes New joiner MVP Hiring managers using it: 3 Feedback average: 4 out 5 30% of the tasks completed: No Non-FE Contribution Contribute for team projects Backstage: 1 Migration to Fargate: 4 Github Actions: 4 Terraform: 5 RMS: 1 Roadmap: Roadmap 70% of team have a clear idea of the future of MyZn: Our customers and stakeholders have a clear idea of the future of the new joiner’s page: Received at least 2 contributions from other people on the roadmap: The roadmap deliverables for Q1 will be translated to bets for the first Q1 bet cycle: Things that I'm proud of Proud I feel that I could help A LOT of people I could share my knowledge with others I could learn from others!! Owned projects like MyZn and OMIC Thank you! End

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