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Transcript: Communications Planning Process Communications Management OPAC Alignment Venture Familiarization Target Audience Introductions Auditing Process Begin Planning & Strategizing Social Media Plan 1 6 Email Marketing Newsletters Entrepreneur Spotlights Performance Surveys ? New Haven Native Masters in PR - Social Media ESTP - A Journalist/Storyteller Podcast Host WNPR Contributing Guest Crisis Communicator Social Media Curator Start-up communications Consultant Space Nerd/Neil deGrasse Tyson Fan 2 Stakeholder Engagement Humanizes the Brand Highlights Successes Contexualizes Failures Creates Community Connects Brands with Their Various Publics Yale OCR’s Mission Enhance the research reputation of the university. Assist Yale in recruiting and retaining the best faculty, staff, and students. Catalyze local economic development. 5 Looking Ahead 3 Crisis Communications Interdepartmental Message Alignment Office Comms Updates Internal Newsletters Media Monitoring Content Creation Social Promotion User Engagement Live Production Sept. 12 – ABCT Info Session Sept. 21 -Blavatnik Fund Info Session Sept. 25 – Bioscience Investor Outlook Sept. 26 – How To Pitch Your Biotech Proposal "Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” Communications Proposal Preparing for upcoming events What's The Good in Story Telling? Message Development Social Media Website Management Blogging Photography Event Coordination Onboarding Media Relations Office Promotions Thought Leadership Step 1: Define your annual goal/objective Step 2: Determine your targets Step 3: Define your story Step 4: Carefully chose your channels Step 5: Launch Plan Step 6: Measure the outcomes. Why Storytelling? Earned Media Internal Communications Six-Step Communications Strategy Owned Media Owned Media Content Creation Social Media Management Stakeholder Engagement Media Relations Event Coordination End of the Year Story Report May 8 – Yale Innovation Summit 40-Year Anniversary Planning Broadcast Communications 4

Yale Presentation

Transcript: Yale University By: Steven Lemus Summary Of College Summary Of College Yale University was founded in 1701, making it one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the U.S. The private university is located in New Haven, Connecticut Location and Description Location and Description Address: New Haven, CT 06520 Private or Public: Private Population: 12,385 Academics Academics We encourage our students to explore the academic landscape, venturing into unfamiliar fields of knowledge and, perhaps, discovering new passions that will take them in a different direction altogether. Major The most popular majors at Yale University include: Economics, General; Political Science and Government, General; History, General; Psychology, General; and Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology. Majors Admission And Req. Admission Requirements SAT-Verbal: 710-800. SAT-Math: 710-790. SAT-Writing: 720-800. ACT: 32-35. “Foodies” will find here a range of international cuisines (and the world’s best pizza), and shoppers will discover treasures at the one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques downtown. Home to award-winning theaters, the city also hosts an annual tennis tournament and the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Surrounding Area Activities Surrounding Area Activity The Financial Aid Package. Yale awards all financial aid on the basis of financial need. Students who qualify for financial aid receive a need-based Yale Scholarship that can vary from a few thousand dollars to over $65,000 per year. Tuiton and Financial Aid and Scholarship Tuition & Fancial Aid and Scholarships Student Life. A resource for Yale College, graduate, and professional school students and scholars. Please see guidelines for free expression at Yale. Array ( [0] => Academics [1] => Health & Wellness [2] => Diversity [3] => Community Service [4] => Live, Work, Travel [5] => Arts [6] => Athletics & Recreation [ Campus Life Campus Life I think Yale is a great university! Many activities that you can do. Awesome Pizza! And you can socialize with many other students. We have a great community! My Opinion My opinion

Yale Presentation

Transcript: Logo of company you're pitching to goes here. Amber Smuts Yale University Overview of Yale Info - New Haven, Connecticut -Founded in 1701 -Undergraduate: 5,453 -Graduate/Professional: 6,859 -Number of Faculties/Schools: 14 INFO CAMPUS: CAMPUS NSCI-The Neuroscience Major Program What does this degree get me? - B.S degree in Neuroscience: -Psychiatrist -Mental Health Worker -Neuropsychologist -Use the degree to apply to Med. School What does this program get me? Basic Info on NSCI INFO ON MAJOR Requirements Requirements: -BIOL: 101,102,103,104 -PSYC 200 -STAT 103 -SAT score of average 1540/1600 -GPA of average 4.19 - Why are you interested in the Neuroscience Mayor? How are you planning to use it for after graduation? Mention your research experience or any relevant extracurricular activities. - Transcript of your marks - *Optional* = a resume to further highlight your background and activities ADDITIONAL: Additional Areas of Concentration Other Majors • Structural and Functional Organization of the Human Nervous System • Neurobiology • Neurophysiology • Bioethics in Neuroscience • The Human Brain • Research Methods in Human Neuroscience • Hormones and Behaviour • Cognitive Neuroscience • Social Neuroscience • Animal Models of Clinical Disorders Courses to take First Year First Year Living Tuition: Living on Campus Living Campus Services/Student life Student Services Fun Facts about Yale Fun Facts -Yale freshmen have hogwarts banquet -Meryl Streep, George W. Bush, Paul Newman -In 1932, the tuition was $1,056 - -500 acres of athletic facilities -50% of students recieve some form of financial aid Link

Yale presentation

Transcript: E-Pro Yale Case PIM23 International Marketing Lecturer: Patrick Szillat Introduction About us CEO Manager Accountant Market Researcher Art Influence Art Influence Sasha Unisex Pale colors, shades From Paris Richard Hamilton Pop-art From London Pichi and Avo Creativity From Valencia Our Project Our Project - Goal - Means - Achievements Increase international diversity by attracting students from the United Kingdom in order to gain new market shares. Determine the current situation by using reliable KPIs and develop a online marketing strategy for targeting the potential customers. Present a draft of the necessary operational measurements regarding the online promotion means and the online distribution plus a detailed documentation of the budget plan. Overview Overview - Research approach - Marketing mix - Results - Strategies - Budget plan - Conclusion Research approach Research approach The research approach was made based on the following 3 aspects. We think that these 3 topics cover almost everything we need to know to provide Yale with a really good solution. DES DES for UK - Determines information regarding students - Determines how students contribute to UK's economy - Living conditions, loans that students can apply based on their current situation etc. Yale Website Yale's Website - To give us an overview of the university - To know the requirements - To make comparisons with other universities Competitor analysis Competitor analysis - Give us a clear understanding on what league this university ranks up - What could be improved - What are the current strengths and weaknesses The combination of 4 elements (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) can be studied and influence later on consumers to interact with the product u are offering. 4P of marketing Marketing mix 4P Product - Website Price Promotion - Social media ADS Place - Online/Internet Product, Price, Promotion and Place - 138,000 € Target group Target group - Excellent students from UK (above 3.5 GPA) - Students from high income families - Students for Art oriented courses Results Results These are the aspects that we uncovered based on our research DES D Age Infrastructures Family background Geographical characteristics E High income family (55 K+ tuition fee) Growth perspectives Economic climate S Reputation of the university Social trends Lifestyle Standards and values How do UK students choose their university ? Yale's Web site Yale's Website - Hard to navigate - Crucial information is missing - Unorganized and hard to read Competitor analysis Competitor analysis - Expensive for the majority of students - A worldwide recognizable diploma -Ivy League Strategies Strategies So based on the research and the results, we came to a conclusion that some things need to be changed. The options that Yale can take are ranked based by their importance Website for Yale Website for Yale - Easier to navigate - No destruction or disorientation (GIF-s) - More formal and good looking Social Media Social media - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook Exhibit Marketing (Mall galleries) Exhibit Marketing - Student advertising their work - Student friendly - Awards for students and university Online Marketing (DevianArt) Online Marketing - Online personal portfolio - Recognition - Connection with different artists Budget Budget The available funds that we are able to use to come up with a solution to this case. The total fund is 150.000 Euros with a plus or minus of 20.000. Website and ADS WebPage/ADS - Approximately 138,000 $ - 5 features included - ADS in 3 major social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Budget forecast Calculations Thank you for your attention Conclusions

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