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Transcript: remember... Enjoy your Christmas starts within Ideas See you guys some where else! Increase your Dear KA, This year I'm in Scotland and its Christmas. Scots don't really celebrate Christmas because In Scotland the church of the country doesn't think that Christmas is a good idea because it is too much festivity. So we did most of their celebrations on New Years Eve which they call Hogmany. Bannock is the name of the kind of oat cake which Mums and Dads use to give kids on New Years Eve . We made a big bonfire and danced around to bagpipe music. I hope to come back soon, from Scott Whatever you find hard.... Success NEW YEAR anything that really matters double your production Sissez Ave 2345 Technique Invest more in Commitment Whatever you do well in 40% Hello KA, I'm in Germany right now and it's Dec 6th (Christmas day but they call it S. Nicolas Day.) Everyone was very excited. My family is going to have a big feast. Most people in Germany grew a tree but we bought one instead. We did not place decorations though. It's feast day we ate different things than the families, they ate. Suckling pig, macaroni salad and lots more. Our dad and mum locked up a room on Christmas eve, then at midnight they unlocked it like the German families did. We saw parcels on tables the Christmas. Most trees decorated with white dough, nuts, cookies, cars, angels and also family treasures ( But ours was plain green. ) We had Christollen, it was delicious! It was loaves with nuts and raisins. The naughty children get a lot of twigs ( Guess how I know... My brothers got them! XD). The good children get candy. In the afternoon boys dress up as kings. Overall I loved it 10\10! And believe you can achieve anything you want to next year... St forge 108304706 always shine 20% But it will also Ambition We cant afford to loose Is it the same as ours There is a Christmas ? Self Steem Hi I'm in Japan on Christmas day. Little girls are fascinated by baby Jesus (Because they love babies.) Many families decorate their houses and shops with evergreens and miseltoe. We didn't but it was still beautiful >^<. On Christmas night we sang Christmas carols happily together. There is a god named Hoteiosho he takes the place of Santa and gives gifts to children. But only 1% of japanese people believe in Christ, so they get gifts from Santa instead. Some people visit sick people in hospital on Christmas day. I really enjoyed Christmas in Japan. see you in another part of the world! Enthusiasm Believe rain The House Team wish you the more and you will see again All you need for the next year is a good We want to invest in Get some rest, and we will see you in the... 13 prospect rd During a GCSE YEAR it will Christmas will mean different things to everyone but Purpose Dear KA I'm in Australia now and its Christmas. There is a lot of tinsel and glitter everywhere. I like it a lot here, even though temperatures range from 30-40 degrees Celsius (because it is summer). We had a picnic lunch on Bondi Beach. I had a roast turkey for dinner and after that I had a delicious flaming Christmas plum pudding, We also had mince pies, I liked them a lot. We did Christmas shopping in shorts and a t-shirt (its a tradition). I got something for you!I Plus my dad knocked it over! Then we played cricket I hit the ball really far. At night we went to carols by candelight.There was a lot of Christmas bush which is like holly. I really hope to go back soon. From your Kelly Imagination Make sure you YOU perspective Quick notice Solidarity Clementine Cooke-Hall 40% Go to the VLE, Click 'House Point Rewards' You will see a list of prizes. If the prize is grey you do not have enough House Points to buy it. If the Prize is black with a 'BUY' box next to it, you can purchase that prize. Deadline is Friday 12th December. 13 lollie pop lane Find a way to fix it Business Plan Rewards ready to succeed! 60 Stuart Av Prospect We wish you A Very Merry Christmas Because the more each of you YOU So, 338402 SOMEWHERE IN AUS no matter how small... Hard work all will share A Very Merry Christmas all over the world Dear KA I'm in Holland right now and its Christmas. In Holland the kids call Santa Sinterklaas or Sinterklas. On Christmas Eve kids fill their shoes with hay and sugar for Santa's horses. Black Peter is Santa's helper, I think that is very weird that they do not have elves. Christmas is a religious time for the dutch. In the morning I went to the church with my family. In the afternoon we sat around the Christmas tree singing carols and telling stories. Christmas is on December the 5th which is also their feast day. Santa sails from Spain where kids think he lives. I thought he lived in the South Pole!!!! Early in the morning people blow horns over water wells to chase evil spirits away,(It woke me up really early.) I think that having Christmas in Holland was really fun. Merry Christmas From Leyla. Hello KA I'm in Mexico now and it's la Posada (Christmas Day). We saw loads of


Transcript: AND IT CAME TO PASS IN THOSE DAYS THAT THERE WENT OUT A DECREE FROM CAESAR AUGUSTUS,. CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS TADLE OF CONTENTS BY OLIVIA.D BIBLICAL PASSAGE Christmas preparations often begin before December 1st. Many Germans set aside special evenings for baking spiced cakes and cookies, and making gifts and decorations. Little dolls of fruit are traditional Christmas toys. Children leave letters on their windowsills for Christkind, a winged figure dressed in white robes and a golden crown who distributes gifts. Sometimes the letters are decorated with glue and sprinkled with sugar to make them sparkle. Germans make beautiful gingerbread houses and cookies. The German Christmas tree pastry, Christbaumgeback, is a white dough that can be molded into shapes and baked for tree decorations. On December 6 is Nikolaustag, St. Claus day. A shoe or boot is left outside the door on Dec.5 with hopes the following morning you find presents, if you were good - or, unfortunately a rod if you had been bad. Christmas Eve we go to my Dad's side of the Family and have a great dinner. We usually play "Tombola" which is Bingo. We open our presents all together and have fun. On Christmas day we wake up early to open our presents from our parents and Santa. We go to Christmas Mass then come home and spend time together. Then we go over to my Mom's side of the family for a big Christmas dinner. MY CHRISTMAS POEM TOP 10 Christmas movies CHRISTMAS IN GERMANY The decorations are red the stockings are hung. Hey look it's Santa his sleigh bell's just rung. dedication page one biblical passage about Christmas lyrics or video to 2 Christmas songs Information about another country's Christmas traditions 1Christmas recipe 1Christmas poem list of my top 10 Christmas movies Christmas Traditions at my house. BUTTER BALLS My Christmas anthology is dedicated to my guinea pig Graham cracker 1 Christmas Vacation 2 Elf 3 The Grinch Who Stole Christmas 4 Santa Buddies 5 Santa Paws 6 A Christmas Story 7 Polar Express 8 Fred Claus 9 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 10 The Nut Cracker Butterscotch chips 1 cup Smooth peanut butter 1/2cup Crisp rice cereal 3 cups Melt chips and peanut butter in saucepan. Stir often. remove from heat. Mix rice cereal. Drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper. Makes about 3 dozen.

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