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Transcript: m 1 WSU Presentation. 2 p b Y g X ADMISSION ADMISSION SECONDARY SCHOOL To be considered for admission to Washington State University as a freshman, a student needs to complete at least 12 years of school. Schooling should include preparation in humanities, mathematics, basic sciences, and social sciences. WSU requires a minimum grade point average of 2.70- 3.33 (on a 4.00 scale) for admission as an international freshman. The average Math SAT score is 560. The average reading and writing is 570 Average GPA range for accepted students is around 2.98 - 3.33. Acceptance rate of around 82% with 34% of applicants deciding to enroll. _____________ Resident (WA) Non-resident (out-of-state) Total Cost $23,485 $37,721 EDUCATION EDUCATION _____________ Business, Management, Marketing, Social Sciences, Engineering and Health Professions Several locations-Everett, Vancouver, Spokane, Pullman, & Tri-cities. Some courses are included on online. The University offers more than 140 degree programs: 63 doctoral programs 79 master's degree programs (including professional masters in electrical power engineering and molecular biosciences) Professional degrees in pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and veterinary medicine (D.V.M.) . A nationwide study estimates that 80% of entering college students don't know what they want to study .MEAP BACKGROUND ____________ ND BACKGROUND 1890-Established Public The setting of the college varies on the area it is located in since there is more than one campus It can be a commuter school but living on campus is also the norm. Male Population 51.06 % Female Population 48.94 % White 60.8% Hispanic/Latino 14.6% Asian 6.0% Non-Resident Alien 4.6% Black or African American 3.2% American Indian or Alaska Native 0.7% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.4% Ethnicity Unknown 9.8% No religious affiliation. CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE _________ soccer Basketball Baseball Track & Field Golf Volleyball Swimming Rowing Tennis Co-Ed Age Restricted (19+) Single rooms Private Bathrooms Female only Male only All freshman under the age 20 have to live on campus 7,000-10,000 South side cafe North side cafe Hillside cafe 3 Markets Espresso Bars Dining Centers M.I Fun and academically supportive on-campus living 82% of new freshmen live on campus 24% of undergraduates live on campus 27 on-campus residence halls and apartment complexes 68 national fraternity and sorority chapters Huge choice of activities—and great friends 400+ registered student organizations with 11,000+ members 4 student centers that build appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity 6,000+ intramural sports players 9 Pac-12 Conference intercollegiate sports for women, 6 for men Ranked among the 5 safest colleges in America The crime rate in Pullman is a small fraction of state and national averages. In 2017 the National Council for Home Safety and Security ranked Pullman the #5 safest city in Washington. It also named WSU the #5 safest college in America. Pullman- 106 countries Spokane- 16 countries Tri-Cities -21 countries Vancouver- 23 countries Everett- 8 countries Online (Global Campus) 45 countries WSU colors Crimson and gray WSU mascot Butch T. Cougar WSU fight song Fight, Fight, Fight for Washington State Average undergraduate age 22 Average graduate student age 31 In-state 78% Out-of-state 15% International 7% WSU's original name was Washington State Agricultural College and School of Sciences The name changed to State College of Washington in 1905 changed to Washington State University in 1959 Present all the details Add More Slides

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Transcript: POVERTY & HOMELESSNESS Youth Leadership Masterclass What is poverty? - Inability to afford essential goods and services. - Miss out on opportunities and resources such as adequate health and dental care, housing, education, employment opportunities, food and recreation. What is Poverty? How is Poverty Measured? How is poverty measured? Can be measured in different ways: - Measure of wealth and income using poverty lines. - Looking at essential items people are missing out on through lack of income. In Australia the poverty line (50% of median income) for a single adult is $426.30 a week. For a couple with 2 children, it is $895.22 a week. Poverty in Australia 2.9 million people live below the poverty line, 17.7% of all children. 116,000 of those people are actually homeless and 28,758 are under 18. Poverty in Australia Cost of living Child Poverty - 731,00 children living in poverty in Australia. - 1 in 6 under 15. What does living in poverty look like? - 1 in 5 can’t afford medical treatment or medication. - 50% can’t afford up to date school items and 56% didn’t have money to join school activities. - 3 in 5 couldn’t afford an internet connection. - 2 in 5 could not afford fresh fruit and veggies every day. - 1 in 4 could not afford three meals a day for their child. Child Poverty Poverty cycle Poverty can be caused by major inequalities built into the structure of Australian society. Causes of Poverty Work and income - Hard to get work in some parts of Australia. - Social security payments are not high enough. - These contribute to unequal disadvantage across Australia. Work and income Education - Families with low levels of education often cannot afford to offer their children education opportunities. -Low education is linked to unemployment and, consequently, to the risk of living in poverty. - Studies show those who have dropped out of high school as less likely to find jobs and have on average lower weekly wages. Education Housing - Housing in Australia unaffordable for most leaving people in debt and impacting a person's ability to find work and education. As these opportunities exist largely in areas with high housing prices. - A large proportion of low income households experience "housing stress", which is when over 30% of income is spent on rent or mortgage payments. - Poor housing negatively affects a person health and well-being. Housing Health - People living in poverty commonly suffer greater levels of physical and mental illness. - High stress associated with living in poverty can contribute to behavior which leads to health risks such as smoking and poor diet. - Increasing costs in health care makes it harder for people to afford treatment and medications. Health Services Improving access to affordable community services is an important poverty prevention strategy which helps disadvantaged people to fully participate in social and economic life. These services are often under strain. Services Why inequality is bad for Australia Why is inequality bad? - Inequality undermines the fairness of our economic system and leads to divisions within society. - Wealthier people can afford not to rely on shared services therefore have less interest in supporting shared services. This leads to a more divided society. Homelessness WHAT DOES HOME MEAN TO YOU? What is homelessness? Homelessness Homelessness is ‘inadequate access to safe and secure housing’. This exists where the only housing to which a person has access: - Is likely to damage the person’s health - Threatens the person’s safety - Marginalises the person by failing to provide access to adequate personal amenities or the normal economic and social support of a home, or - Places the person in circumstances that threaten or adversely affect the adequacy, safety, security and affordability of that housing. Types of homelessness Types of Homelessness Primary Homelessness - Secondary Homelessness - Tertiary Homelessness CAUSES OF HOMELESSNESS Causes of homelessness The leading cause of homelessness is relationship breakdown Accommodation issues and financial difficulties are the second and third highest contributors. Underlying factor? WHAT'S THE UNDERLYING FACTOR? Lack of support Homelessness can happen to almost anyone... What's happening in the local community? Western Sydney Western Sydney Parramatta Street Count On the nights of 18-19 February 2019 a street count revealed that there were 91 rough sleepers in Parramatta CBD. That's a 44% increase from last year when there were 63. I'm excited to hear about the ideas you'll be coming up with today! Your turn

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