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Transcript: It's important to be a specific type of leader Know what traits/characteristics you excel at Jay-Z is always striving to better himself Reach out and touch more industries Mitchell is helpful, passionate, caring Course evaluations with Drake: 13 classes, average rating of 4.8/5.0 Desire to stay at Drake Numerous publications and editing of papers Academy of International Business Born vs Made Mitchell 1996 - Reasonable Doubt 1997 - In My Lifetime, Vol 1 1998 - Vol 2, Hard Knock Life 1999 - Vol 3, Life and Times of S. Carter 2000 - The Dynasty: Roc La Familia 2001 - The Blueprint 2002 - The Blueprint 2 2003 - The Black Album 2006 - Kingdom Come 2007 - American Gangster 2009 - The Blueprint 3 Collaborative Albums: 2002 - The Best of Both Worlds - R. Kelly 2004 - Unfinished Business - R. Kelly 2004 - Collision Course - Linkin Park 2011 - Watch the Throne - Kanye West Born Shawn Corey Carter in 1969 Brooklyn Music Clothing Restaurant Sports Beauty Line Hotel -Assistant Professor of International Business, Drake University -Numerous Consulting/Advisory Positions -Symbian Limited: London, England Member of global executive team releasing first-gen smart-phones Global software defects review process across four countries Commitment to Others Differences Def Jam Records Kanye West Rihanna Ne-Yo Roc Nation J. Cole Rita Ora Willow Smith Calvin Harris Mitchell Leadership Style Jay-Z Agreeableness Friendly Helpful Conscientiousness Very organized Achieving Greatness Extroversion Passion High energy and enthusiasm Self Esteem Confident constantly learning -Eagle Scout (ah-ha moment) -Senior Class President -Rollins College: Student Senate, Student Gov. President -Florida Student Association for Private Schools -Academy of International Business (Southeast Chapter) Program Chair, Conference Chair, Chapter Chair Both Transformational Leaders Individualized Consideration Intellectual Stimulation Idealized Influence Inspirational Motivation Definition of Leadership -Achieving goals through others -Meet an unfulfilled need -Servant-Leadership, bring others with you, takes time commitment Leadership Effectiveness Agreeableness Cooperative Helpful Conscientiousness Dependable Responsible Extroversion Sociable Talkative Self Esteem Confidence in own abilities Leadership Traits Openness to Experience High (curious and adventurous) Conscientiousness Very High (dependable and responsible) Extroversion High (sociable and talkative) Agreeableness High (helpful and cooperative) Neuroticism Low (composed and optimistic) hard working Roc Nation Sports 40/40 Club Jay-Z Jack Kerouc, "On The Road" - quote Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint Must fill your own reservoir as well Servant-Leadership Leadership Experiences -Ph.D. from University of South Carolina (2010) -MBA Crummer Graduate School of Business, Winter Park, FL. (2004) -BA Rollins College, Winter Park, FL. (2000) Major: Physics; Minor: Mathematics Intellectual Stimulation Idealized Influence Real World Leader Presentation Brooklyn Nets Transformational Leadership confident Comparison Openness to Experience: High Conscientiousness: High Extroversion: Very high Agreeableness: High Neuroticism: Low Leadership Traits Agenda: Background info on leader Analysis of leader's traits Analysis of leader's style & effectiveness Comparison of the two leaders Thank You Rocawear - 1999 Arsenal FC "best rapper alive" expanding his brand Dr. Matthew Mitchell 50 millions copies worldwide 11 records reached US top charts 10 Grammy Awards 10 MTV Awards 9 BET Awards 3 American Music Awards 2 albums in Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of All Time What can we learn from Jay-Z & Dr. Mitchell? Rich Gallagher Scott LaWall Nick Rosa Similarities Jay-Z Individualized Consideration Attend to the individual needs of followers As a professor, how do you get the most out of your students? Intellectual Stimulation Stimulate creativity and challenge the status quo Leads class debates to engage students Style Jay-Z and Dr. Mitchell have many similarities They both foster positive relationships with team members They both became experts in their business without formal training and the differences.. Jay-Z is all about expanding "his brand" Mitchell is all about making people around him successful humble calm content Background Jay-Z is a hip hop artist / entrepreneur Mitchell worked his way up to leadership opportunities Traits Jay-Z scores highly in openness to experience Always looking

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Transcript: World leader: Elon Musk Mars Model S X Theory X & Y Questions(?) Personally Conclusion Creativity What problems do you think you will face? What is SpaceX? What is Delegate? Individuals who represent others ... What is creativity? Utilization of imagination ... Who is Elon Musk? Products include: -Falcon 9 -Dragon -Falcon Heavy Globally These two quotes by Elon Musk define the vision and journey of both SpaceX and Elon M. Delegate Theory X or Y? What is commitment? Dedication towards a cause ... Dolly Singh, former head of talent acquisition claims space X has allowed him to be himself and build his own character SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. Elon Musk [Born June 28, 1971 (age 45)] : -CEO, and CTO of SpaceX co-founder. -CEO andproduct architect of Tesla Motors. -An innovator, inventor, investor and a visionary. Zip2 (1995) PayPal (2000) Tesla Motor (2003) SolarCity (2006) Commitment Maharshi ,Alden , Luc Final Thoughts "When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor." -Elon M This quote focuses on the difficulties that Musk faces, both personally and as a leader. As a company, SpaceX has faced many failures alongside their few success. Such as failed launches, Pad explosions and issues during flight. This quote directly applies to how Musk grew as a leader after facing the difficulties of reaching his vision. Inside the mind of Elon musk -Elon Musk Regionally This quote attaches itself to the vision of SpaceX. The change in this sense being global warming. The goal of SpaceX is to enable the colonization of Mars, a means of escaping the 'disaster' [the results of climate change]. Embracing the change refers to accepting that the situation is out of control. This quote both applys to Musk's personal ideas and any company. If a company is not will to embrace and adapt to the change, it will fail. What makes Elon Musk a good leader 1. Commitment 2. Delegate 3. Creativity Leadership Theory Works with NASA, most known for their reusable launch technologies. "When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor." "Some people don't like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster." Musk fits the role of a theory Y manager as the management he is entitled to holds many responsibilities Space X has been Musk life long journey to enable a inhabitable atmosphere around other planets (since 2002) "for my part, I will never give up, and I mean never." - Elon Musk "Some people don't like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster." -Elon M Bit of background info

World Leader Presentation

Transcript: She was born on February 19th 1953 I chose Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner because she is really big on human rights which goes hand in hand with my citizen project on homelessness.She cares about the people in her country and listens to the people around her to help her decide what needs to be worked on. Cristina [Online Image] Available March 15th 2012 Continued.......... Condolences [Online Image] Available March 15th 2012 The End She has pledged to further her husband’s policies of economic and political integration with other Latin American countries. Soon after her election she said she felt a responsibility to lead her country, but an immense responsibility for her gender also. Many thought it was the end for her presidency but she triumphed and got re-elected. Background Info She adresses when human/womens rights are abused in argentina. Leadership Qualities Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner By: Natasha Gonzalez She strives for Peace in her country. Legalizing Gay Rights in Argentina She was also the first woman elected & re-elected president in Argentina She has a long history of women's political activism. How i chose my Leader President Cristina [Online Image] Available March 15th 2012 Argentine Flag [Online Image] Available March 15th 2012 From Tragedy To Triumph Making a Difference Human/Womens Rights Legalizing Gay Rights [Online Image] Available March 15th 2012 More than 500 same-sex couples have been married since President Cristina Fernandez signed the law on July 21in 2010 Cristina Fernandez de kirchner [Online Image] Available March 15th 2012 During Cristina's first term as president her husband Nestor Kirchner passed away from a heart attack leaving her alone and without her partner. She also is not biast she is not a part of the gay and lesbian community but she believed in equality and showed that by passing the same sex marriage law in argentina. Her selflessness is a major leadership skill,even after losing her husband she didnt quit she continued to do her job and help the citizens of argentina. She is a strong willed woman who will do anything for her country. Peace [Online Image] Available March 15th 2012

World Leader

Transcript: de-stress broken marriages and make divorce acceptable on society increase the safety and benefits of workers helped young females as well as distressed mothers by making abortion acceptable by law, making their futures brighter gave equality to different gender roles and made it acceptable to society to be different he fixed the crack between Canada and made the English Canadians and French Canadians embrace the beauty of staying together the idea in society of the major hatred between English Canadians and French Canadians slowly diminished Pierre helped China to be recognized as a legitimate government who mostly were celebrities September 28, 2000. April 20, 1968. I don't accept an excuse from students who say they can't learn because they haven't got great teachers and because the teachers don't spend enough time with them. I think the basic fault is that the students don't spend enough time with their books " made sure to change the law as he sees fit for everyone - made sure it made everyone feel equal and safe plan for the future I am a quebecker. I am a french Canadian with all my heart. However, I am also deeply and irrevocably a Canadian. I am convinced that one does not prevent the other. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was born in Outremont located in Montreal to Joseph-Charles-Émile Trudeau and Grace Elliott Trudeau. Key Leadership Value direction 1919 - 2000 These were Pierre's "education" years. It was the years when he attended Harvard, Universtiy of Montreal to earn a law degree, Paris (to study École des sciences politiques, London School of Economics (in Britain), and a backpacking tour of Eastern Europe, and middle and Far East (areas of considerable turbulence in the post-world war world). & Had an official look which was always wearing a lapel Motivated and Head Strong many selflessness wear capes and floppy hats when other politicians would never dare to able to loosen up and "have fun" able to show his true personality, does not hold back does not care about other people's opinions and just does what he thinks is fun, and what makes him happy his confidence is pretty high Peace the end in mind (1983) pierre launched a "Peace Initiative" traveled to Europe, Asia, and Washington spoke to government leaders advocate several measures relating to disarmament " It was a sad day for Canadians all over Canada. Pierre, the charismatic strong headed prime minister had sadly passed away. He had suffered from Parkinson's disease, but the real reason for his death was Prostate cancer. "with a great potential for eduation comes great responsibilty" Bibliography { Pierre had won the leadership of the Liberal Party, and had started "Trudeamania" within the youth (due to his good looks). find more ways to help improve relations across the world Pierre was not like other politicians. He was known as a weird and wacky person. He was known for canoeing in white rapids as well as... love taking selfies Pierre decides to officially step down as Prime Minister for retirement. He returns to practicing law, traveling extensively and publishing memoirs. Canada's Patriation from Great Britain (1981) he was able to put himself in another person's shoes embraced a quality that others couldn't have embraced treated them as he would treat others; giving them the same judicial treatment to make them feel as important as others in the community Key Leadership Qualities sliding down banisters instead of using stairs April 6, 1968. October 18, 1919. he took the initiative to... Pierre Trudeau among us was his greatest contribution. Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau Fun Facts About Pierre he was also known to The year after Pierre's big projects (like the Charter of Right and Freedoms) were complete, or in other words, Having accomplished his goal of strengthening Canadian federalism, Pierre turned his attention to international affairs, campaigning for world peace and improving the relationship between the industrialized nations and Third World countries. Education " I want to seperate sin from crime. You may have to ask for forgiveness for your sins from God, but not from the Minister of Justice. There's no place in the state for the bedrooms of the nation. take on and commit to more responsibilites be very photogenic initiative Pierre had strong beliefs about the freedom of individuals. He argued throughout his life that nationalism was fundamentally racist and a threat to individual freedoms. He held his philosophy of one Canada and a strong federal government. Many Canadians adored him for all he had done to Canada. Who is my world leader? a.k.a a wealthy Montreal suburb 2 of the most important actions done by Pierre during his time as Prime Minister are: proactivity Key Leadership Value Equality 1983 many Humility He is known best for doing pirouettes behind the Queen approached other government leaders to educate them on the value and idea of peace wonderful thing that contains no shortcuts June 30, 1984.

World Leader Presentation

Transcript: World Leader Presentation + Gates learned how to hack the program on computer system since he was 13 years old. + Gates was quick to understand the new market conditions and the impact of the Internet on Microsoft. + He is an intelligent people who has an ability in business. + Gates is a master of his subject and his knowledge, never questioned. + He deployed productivity software as well as authority tools. 1. Background 2. Life Stories 3. Context of Achievements 4. Keys Achievements 5. Leadership Style 6. Our Impression 7. Six Criteria + Gates learned to treat software as his own business. + Microsoft Accessibility is a potential vision of computer programmer like Bill Gates. + Gates wants the world connect together on making life a lot more easier. + A computer on every desk and in every home. + Aiming people to know about the world and learn to help. 7.2 Expertise + Inspiring the era of the home computer + Commercialising the operating system + Launching Window 9.5 + Giving his money away to the foundation and other charities + Becoming the richest man in the world 5. Leader Ship Style 7.1 Vision + Gates participates with his employees and advise the process. + Bill Gates is believed as a honest man and having a good morals which set him up for achieving future success. + Towards people he shows a great variety of hard working and getting the best result. + His powerful words ‘ Leave the world a better place than you found it. ‘ world-widely show epic of proportions. 7.4 Exceptional Planning Ability 3. Context of Achievements + Gates explained his perspective at the Internet World Conference. + Gates develops the first software due to his fast learning talent. + He gives away some parts of his own money to help and bring the world as one. + Gates has an amazed sense of sharing by bringing peoples opportunities. + Gates inspire the education and he is a sociable person. 7.6 Integrity Table of Contents 7. Six Criteria of Bill Gates + Gates engages himself with the business and becoming a leader. + Gates tries every single steps to achieve and be who he is. + He believes in the hard working habit to improve himself. + The movement by Gates brings him benefits to become a market leader. + Never give up on every failure he has experienced. - While BASIC was designed in 1963, it wasn't until Gates and Allen produced a version for the Altair 8800 that it really started to fly. - In 1980s,the later version went on to spark the home computing boom which every houses can easily access to the computing system. - Windows 95 was then built to replace MS-DOS and enabled revolutionary features such as multi-tasking. - After his foundation has been established in 2000, the foundation spend the budget on the global education and health initiatives. - In 2009, Bill Gates becomes a young richest man whom name is on Forbes List. + Gates has personally ability to draw his outline. + He is ideally planning every of his work plan. + He concentrates on his own vision and won’t change easily. + Gates has a very strong perspective on computer programming. + He always think in advanced on every projects. Teacher: Winchell Mendes SITXHRM402: Lead and Manage People Block Code : C4CC09HFW2 Present by : Ching Wen chen __ 100538753 Solina San __ 100540673 4. Keys Achievements 7.4 Self Development + Task Oriented + Autocratic + Delegation + Transformational + Personal Powers + Skills 1955 : Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington. 1967 - 1968 : Enrolled at Lakeside School and he first began programming with Paul Allen. 1973 - 1975 : Entered Harvard University and started Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1976 - 1979 : Operated the Microsoft Company and moved to Washington State. 1994 : Get married to Melinda Gates in Hawaii. 2008 : Left his daily job at Microsoft. 2014 : Stepped down from chairman position and began serving as technology advisor 7.3 Ability to unite and inspire + Personal Gates Notes, The Gates Notes LLC + , October 2015 achievements-of-bill-gates-the-richest-man-alive-id4303287.html + Centre for work life, Intelligent Outcomes for success, viewed 14th of May 2014 + Source of insight, + Robert H. P.52 , Bill Gates, 1932-2000 + Bill Gates Biography Editors, Bill Gates Biography, viewed 1st August 2016 + Einstein David (January 13, 2000), "Gates steps down as Microsoft CEO". Forbes. + Retrieved January 21, 2016. + Des. 2010, 10 Secrets of the World's Richest Business Leader, The unauthorized guide to doing business the Bill Gates way + Bill Gates Biography, Bill Gates Achievements, viewed 23th November 2009 + Slide Share, February 2014

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