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Brett Work template

Transcript: Brett Work template starting from 2020-2021 social distance Lesson 8 Part 2 Science During Lesson 8, Part 1 we learned that all structures are made up of smaller pieces. Different structures can be made up of the same small pieces, or materials. The focus question is: How can the material from one object be used to create a different object? Remember that anytime you are at home you can ask questions, make observations, or use evidence to explain your thinking. You can use the practices of a scientist or engineer anytime of the day! Step 1 Step 1 Have already been completed Find your science journal and something to write with. Step 2 Step 2 On the next empty page of your journal: write the page number in the bottom corner write the date at the top of the page You do not have to, but you may choose to write the focus question: How can the material from one object be used to create a different object? Step 3 Step 3 In the mystery Science video you heard that a house can be made up of smaller pieces, or materials, including brick and wood. In your journal, share something other than a house that can be made of brick and wood. You can: write a list, or write a sentence, or draw and label a picture Lets work Lets brain storm together >>>>>> In your journal, share something other than a house that can be made of brick and wood. Step 4 Final Step Step 4 To turn in today's work to your teacher, use this link to submit. (or select the "next" button at the bottom right of this page.)

Work Group Template

Transcript: Crisis Intervention Workgroup Train staff who have roles/responsibilities indicated in Greenbush policies Create training videos for new/current employees Provide specific training for front desk personnel/substitutes Regularly conduct unannounced drills to ensure staff know their designated shelter locations for severe weather Require workshop contacts show visitors a Greenbush procedures video highlighting what to do in the event of an emergency. Recommendations Increase knowledge to allow staff the ability to respond efficiently to a crisis: Continue to communicate with staff using SchoolMessenger in an emergency event Create a checklist of crisis procedures for supervisors to use during orientation of new employees Remind staff of the centralized location for all crisis policies Workshop contacts play Greenbush procedures video to visitors prior to workshops Use Greenbush Huddle to remind all locations to update/review their policies Communication As first line of defense, install cameras at front desks with views of various areas for quicker response Conduct drills with staff/campus visitors to know the capacity of shelter locations Use quality radios that have the capacity to cover the campus, including in all buildings Install repeater to increase communication capability with cell phones/radios Create a reunification plan in the event staff get separated during an emergency situation Keep main entry doors locked until front desks are covered Increase the response to crisis situations with information communicated before, during, and after a crisis: Increase the knowledge for prevention/response to a crisis with recommendations from the Crawford County Sheriff's Office : Training

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