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Transcript: The banners and fonts are just for the purpose of example. Much more work will go into the final ones A concept showcases a ideas for design 4 Now let's add a navigation header! 2. The fullscreen banner changes, and shows you the fullscreen banner for this collection. ElementPragma 2 The goal is to make sure the client likes to concept & direction of the design When the navigation floats on top of the background, this also contributes to a clean and modern look 1. Classic Four elements Let's start with a fullscreen background! 3 1. You put your mouse over a collection Fullscreen backgrounds You put your mouse over Color My World, and this fullscreen banner fades in This is the concept for the collections page. Let me know if you like 4 points above: Fullscreen banners, floating navigation, collections list, and effects. Thanks! Ariel ElementPragma Next important bit: the collections. Let's try a few concepts. 1 2. Now, let's show the collections along with more info on what kind of products the user can expect to find in them You put your mouse over Passion Noir, and this fullscreen banner fades in Collections list Let's illustrate Collection banners & effects Again, these banners are just to illustrate the concept, we'll be working on the banners if this concept is approved This is how the collections page works: For Atlantic, the products will not appear like Orly - we will show all products, not just one, and we have the product description, sizes etc. This example is just to illustrate the faded background concept. 3. Once you click on the white View Collection button for this collection, the fullscreen banner fades out to a very light background, and the products appear over it. See this website for an example of a very faded out background. It gives a very classy effect. Navigation header AtlanticEngraving Website 2015 Concept Notice the faded face of the woman in the background Fullscreen backgrounds give a very modern, clean look to a website

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