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Why should You hire ME?

Transcript: For anyone that has recently been in the market for a job, you quickly learn that your perseverance will be tested. To combat the regularity of the routine résumé, I thought I'd try something a little different. I promise to keep this under 5 minutes, yet I will still outline the strengths I have to offer. December 2008 I officially became a college grad, earning my B.S. in Chemistry with Business Emphasis and a minor in Spanish. What skills did I use? Time management, Organization, and Diligence I succeeded in academics while juggling two jobs that totalled over 40 hours of work per week. Clear Communication and Systematic, Creative Thinking As the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire website says, you can't succeed in science without these skills. As you can see, I've worked in hospitality. To start from the beginning: my first job was in a hotel, I continued working in a hotel to finance my college education, and after college, I earned a management promotion. So, you must be wondering, how can this experience help me? Basically, every job has the same goal: to deliver the best product, at the best value, with the greatest efficiency to yield the greatest profit. I can arrange all the pieces of that puzzle. PRODUCT With experience working in a startup business, I learned how to ask the right questions from the right people to brand the best product for the consumer. VALUE I created sales and marketing reports to identify price points that generated the most business. This information was used to develop pricing tiers that maximized business volume while maintaining price integrity. EFFICIENCY In overseeing staff, I made it a priority to pay attention to productivity. I organized standard procedures, wrote training and reference materials, and implemented tools that monitored efficiency. PROFIT I analyzed revenue and marketing reports to identify a place of profit maximization, where revenue is greatest and costs are lowests. To monitor the goals of this profit, I made a budget and tracked its progress with monthly forecasts. So, here's the 15 parts preparation... It is the combined number of years of experience and education I can bring to you. I worked very hard to finance my college education while gaining valuable work experience. Between school and work, I spent years working 7–day weeks, often times 16 hour days. How did I do this? Because I am achievement-oriented and just a little bit hardheaded. With every job, I've earned the same reputation: the one to call. If there was a shift to cover, you called Amber. If extra hands were needed for any reason, you called Amber. If there was a question about almost anything, you called Amber. So, why 100% Tenacity? I am determined and will dedicate myself fully to whatever task is put in front of me. What is x? 10 parts Preparation + 100% Tenacity = 1 Great Opportunity I'm hoping you have that opportunity for me. One more click please... Revisit a slide: Hover over the middle, right of your screen for a toolbar. Click the home button, then click on any slide. You can also use the wheel of your mouse or the up and down arrows on your keyboard to zoom in and out. When you are done, hit esc on your keyboard. Click on more and choose "Fullscreen" ...More Preparation And one more thing ... x = 15 parts Preparation + 100% Tenacity Interested in solving this equation with me? Please continue watching to learn how I can contribute to your team. Conclusion Want to revisit a slide? Click one more time for instructions Thank you for sharing your time and attention with me! As we are nearing the end, my goal is that you can see and appreciate my effort to reinvent the typical application process. In everything I do, I set goals and keep myself organized with to-do lists. This way, I am working toward something tangible and can see my progress. Need some examples of my tenacious behavior? Amber T. is: Experience Education If you think I could be the right fit for you: (715) 523–0663 Tenacity Metropolis Resort 2008-2010: Front Office Manager Best Western Trail Lodge 2004-2007: Front Office Supervisor Super 8 2002-2007: Front Desk Associate Intro Why should YOU hire ME? Preparation Then, use the below arrows (or the right and left arrows on your keyboard) to navigate the show and see why I have the right qualifications for you! To end the fullscreen show at any time, hit esc on your keyboard. Take home message? obsessively organized (but only in the best possible way) detail-oriented to a T self-motivated, able to see an obstacle and tackle it proactively fiercely committed to every task and an effective, creative communicator University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 2008: Bachelor of Science

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