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Wedding Photo Album Presentation Template

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Photo Album

Transcript: Teachers watching over their classes during period 4. Backing the camera up allows me to capture not only them but the scenery behind them. Two Shot During our spare, my friends and I try to catch up on homework in the atrium. Extreme Close Up After we finish our lunch, my friends and I hangout in the atrium for class to start. I used my friend Tim to pose for the photo. I wanted to get an Extreme close up on his face because his facial expressions always crack me up. Establishing Shot Stair cases are very simple and strait shapes. By using the Oblique angle, the regular boring staircases become more interesting. Its a nice change to see them from a different angle, then the usual everyday while claiming them. Over the Shoulder Seeing the field on a nice sunny day gets me pumped to play a game of lacrosse. It's a good bit of fun. Close Up High Angle Alex and Tim during our assignment reviewing pictures. When we film videos, we are often looking over shots and picture to make sure we have the right shot. At the end of the day, we wait to be dismissed from class. While waiting, I snapped a quick picture of my friend Christian. By using the rule of 3rds, the picture looks more appealing rather then a boring old, head on shot. By Nick Coffin Medium Close Up Album Oblique Angle Low Angle Having Tims shoulder in the foreground in the image, allows the audience to see more of whats going on in front of him. We see what he is typing on his phone, as well as the rest of the classroom. Wide Shot Photo Alex is standing in front of the staircase, showing were most friends walk in talk during school between classes.

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