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Transcript: Software Routers A domain Name registrar is an organizational that is an ICANN or ccTLD and it manages the reservation of internet domain names. Application Layer Protocols are rules which govern the transfer of data. Transport and addressing protocols are responsible for finding out the detonation of a packet, then sending it to the correct place. An example this is the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). Browsers- An internet browser is an application which allows you to have access to the internet and view web pages. Examples of internet browsers include, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and many more. E-mail- An email client is an application which allows you to send and receive e-mails. The email is sent to a central server then is aggregated to the intended destination Web Server- A web server is a computer or a bit of software which delivers web contact that can be accessed via the internet. They are most commonly used for storing information on web pages but they are also used for other things such as gaming servers. Mail Servers- Mail servers are responsible for aggregating the emails sent from computers to other computers. they allow emails from addresses of different domains to be sent to other addresses of different domains. Proxy Servers- A proxy server is a computer that allows clients to connect to a computer network using indirect network connections. The client will connect to the proxy server, then ask for a connection file or other resource available on a different server. The proxy can then give that resource either by its cache or connecting to the appropriate server. Domain Name Registers Protocols A router is a layer 3 networking device that connects multiple networks together. It aggregates the network packets being sent from the router and also the packets being sent to the router to the desired ports. Components Hardware World Wide Web Web Hosting- Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service where a company makes an individual or organization's website accessible to everyone via the internet. When you buy web space for your website, you are essentially buying a server which the host owns. An example of a web hosting service is 123 reg web hosting. ISP (Internet Service Providers)- ISPs are companies that provide access to the internet. An example of an ISP is BT. As well as providing access to the internet, ISPs will also provide you with a phone line as they are telecommunications businesses. The world wide web is a system on the internet which allows documents and files to be connected together via hyperlink texts. This enables users to search for documents by going from one document to the next. Website Design Domain Structure- A domain structure is a way system that creates an identifier to each URL, it assigns an IP address to a URL so when you enter a URL the address will be tracked and the webpage will be located. This is because computer's can't work with letters and instead use a code known as an IP address. HTTP- The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Controls what actions web servers and browser should take when responding to various commands. So when you enter a URL into your web browser, it sends the web server a command to fetch the desired web page information so it can be built on your browser. HTTPS- this is the same as HTTP except it has SSL as well which makes it more secure to send data over it. This is used for transactions of data that need to be done securely, for example internet banking. SMTP- This is a protocol that's used for sending e-mails. SMTP sends the emails to an email server then is aggregated from there. Web Architecture

Website Design

Transcript: For passports during a travel unit Take photos or videos in Physical Education For assessment For a book about colors For a book or chart about numbers For a book about shapes Photography Classes Bio Classes Projects DSLR- Digital Single Lens Reflex Projects Project about family traditions Create an Open House slide show or display. Create a digital yearbook or memory book Take photos/videos to explain a hobby/collection Use photos as graphics in student work Take photos or videos of art concepts Digital Cameras. (n.d.). WebTech Class Page. Retrieved May 2, 2013, from Digital Cameras In Education. (n.d.). DrsCavanaugh - Educational Technology. Retrieved May 2, 2013, from Digital Cameras in Education. (n.d.). DrsCavanaugh - Educational Technology. Retrieved May 2, 2013, from Education World: Quick! Get the (Digital) Camera! . (n.d.). Education World: The Educator's Best Friend. Retrieved May 2, 2013, from How to do just about anything with your digital photos. (2006). London: Reader's Digest. Â . (n.d.). 100 Ways to Use Digital Cameras | Scholastic, Helping Children Around the World to Read and Learn | Retrieved May 2, 2013, from Tri-fold boards with images Powerpoints Quality of the image Cost of cameras Learning to edit correcting color correcting exposure using layers Compact Digital Camera You may have a future job needing cameras You can learn how to edit Jobs in advertising Use photos or videos to "argue a point" Video a student as an assessment tool Take photos of rhyming words Create video thank you messages Capture interviews with video Most Advanced Most versatile Digital Cameras Take photos or videos illustrating vocabulary words. Take photos or videos of plant growth Take photos or videos of community Use photos for seating charts. Take photos or videos for illustrating emotions Take photos of learning centers for a choice chart Works Cited How Digital Cameras Work with Education Use photos in thank you cards or invitations Photos of events and make a calendar Using photos create a body part book Use photos to create a community Display student work Its instantaneous Easy to duplicate Easy to upload Cost savings Store on the computer Editable Compact Digital Cameras Also known as point and shoot cameras. Vary in features, price, and style Small size, easy to use- main appeal Why is it good to have a digital camera? Microscopic projects Science fair Powerpoints Use of Digital Cameras for Teachers Uses For Students: Take photos/videos of the weather and seasons Use photos for the classroom helper chart Take photos of classroom events Create a Birthday Book Take a photos/videos of the students on their birthday Use photos to create postcards Cons To take pictures for assignments Being able to capture when not in class Take pictures to illustrate stories or poems Use pictures to tell a story Children use them to create family books Use pictures to record class trips Use cameras in photography class Laminate photos of students for voting Selecting partners, choosing centers, graphing Use photos to create classroom awards Photograph books that you read to make a list/chart Use photographs for a visual schedule Pros Take photos/videos for a classroom inventory Document vandalism with photos or videos Email classroom events Use classroom photos as computer screensavers Create a Welcome to Our Classroom book Take photos or videos for animal reports Take photos or videos of parts of a plant Bio Classes Take photos or videos of field trips. Use for projects. Make graphs. Why would you need them in schools? Digital SLR Photography Classes What comes from knowing how to use a camera By: Haley Jones Use photos for attendance chart Use photos/videos for step by step directions. Use photos for sequencing Create a book about the school and workers Create a staff directory Photos for a school/classroom handbook Take photos or videos of types of clouds Matching or concentration game. Create photograph bookmarks Show safety rules through photos or videos Create a video of directions for a project Create brochures using photos

Website Design

Transcript: Photos Photographs by the web designers "Brownie" Template Our Menu Bar Home Rooms Menu Activities Dining History Packages Reserve your stay Website Design Develop a website for a local Bed and Breakfast in your community. Cambridge Nebraska Rooms Map Dining Activities History Packages Directions Objective The website must include the following: The B&B, Willow Lake offers honeymoon and anniversary packages, extended stay packages, and general one- or two-night accommodations. Willlow Lake also hosts afternoon tea parties for special occasions such as birthdays and wedding/shower parties. The breakfast menu is French-oriented with fruit and cheese crepes, various croissants, and also offers gluten free options. The “Tea Party” service includes high-end custom teas and finger sandwiches with an assortment of finger-food sweet options. The B&B is located in a refurbished home that was built in the 1800’s featuring a fire-place in each room, authentically furnished living and dining rooms, and an outside patio with formal gardens for entertaining. Highlight (and link to) homepages of local attractions that would entice individuals to stay on property. Highlight local restaurants for other meal functions. All information may be based upon your local community or factitious information. Design Photoshop followed competitive guidelines turned out to be checklist Local Bed and breakfast Broke it down into a 3Cs Team Creative Designer Content Writer Website Coder Dusty & Calvin Design Key Elements Included Development Dreamweaver

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